And an acquaintance app, see “find ta” how to help you find the object?

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hunting cloud network reported before acquaintance + stranger hybrid community, as well as the more perpendicular to the relationship between acquaintances, today introduced found “ta” is also a find objects through acquaintances app, is based on the micro letter + directory model.

find ta is find her Beijing science and technology co., LTD., its products, the company team mainly comes from baidu, 360, peas, samsung, such as China, the current team has five people. Founder jian-fei zhu is a serial entrepreneur, find the ta is his fourth entrepreneurship, has been founded audiobooks website “to listen to Chinese” and enterprise “and other consulting” big data analytics company.

find ta user groups are divided into two kinds, the first group mainly after 90 (85 ~ 85) before heavy users of single network, more concentrated in one, two cities, have received higher education, and the majority female users. Them for dating love will more intense, but also cautious, distrust for unfamiliar net type love dating way. The second group is the matchmaker around those hidden in a single user, this group is given priority to with after 80, enjoying the family, children, at the same time, the happiness of also want to help single people around to find another partner.

jian-fei zhu said in an interview with hunting cloud network, the current urban white-collar job is busy, the narrow circle of friends, and most dating sites using mediation information costs more to make money, can’t solve the problem of the user’s trust, all kinds of wine, HunTuo exist inside. In addition, jian-fei zhu believed that offline dating too naked, expensive time-consuming, laborious to person’s psychological damage is very big also.

however, single people still need to turn the object, can provide a relatively comfortable way? Jian-fei zhu thought based on the relationship between acquaintances dating social might be able to get an answer. Relative to the blind date in real life, this way is no longer based on purely personal material conditions, also avoid the judge a book by its cover, acquaintances guarantee can bring you security sense of trust, users have the security of psychological distance.

on the market at present main acquaintances social software and a lot of, as newcomers find ta how can win more users? Jian-fei zhu said, find the advantages of ta on four main products pattern: looking for patterns, based on the two degrees contacts through sexual labels, hobbies, personality habits and so on big data accurate matching; Based on the recommendations from the WeChat platform model, the formation of safety psychological distance without pressure; Connecting mode, help facilitate the single friends around; Matchmaker mode to “red envelopes” help friends authentication information, inquire about and help about dinner, etc.

ta is not found in offline activities, jian-fei zhu said offline activities is bound to do, but the main task is to improve the user’s interaction and activity, to solve the problem after the development to the offline is natural. Find the ta has a clear business model, starting from the user traffic, to grasp the market to dating again after user traffic industry chain extension, including the marriage market, such as wedding dresses, wedding photography, wedding services, wedding banquet, jewelry, tourism, insurance, industry chain extension.

jian-fei zhu told hunting cloud network finally, find the ta version from January 8, 2015 officially launched after the user downloads 190000 at present, growing is about 5000. Company also completed in May 14 years millions of angel investments, investors are currently doing the Pre – A round of financing, to raise money is mainly used for expansion and marketing team.

project: find ta
Company: Beijing find her technology co., LTD.

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