An entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 wind star: practice of tourism service quality internal work, steadfast accumulation is the only way

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

air travel network: Australian outbound travel in the us and Europe electrical goods brand

way wind net is one of the earliest domestic otas focus on overseas travel destination, from the beginning of the establishment in 2006, has set up a file in the outbound tourism electricity industry for nearly 9 years, nine years is not long not short, it is China’s outbound tourism market booming stage. With the enlargement of the scope of the number of the middle class, China travel is more important for men, women and children can bring to people’s spiritual pursuit. Visa convenience, the income increase and China’s exchange rate positive factors such as all the Chinese people “to” overseas travel, and America is a land of China’s outbound passengers especially favored.

the birthplace of the way the wind is in the west coast of the United States in Los Angeles, California, started for the local Chinese audiences, free the travel booking English website; In 2008, after the founder of the star after the market survey, assigned was formally established, he gave the assigned to take the English words for “way”, and no thought of the selected the word “way” later in the travel industry, e-commerce will be peer entrepreneurs used so frequently. In December 2013, road network got wind of ctrip strategic investment, according to foreign media reports, the investment amount up to hundreds of millions of dollars. Recently, the cloud network editor to hunting way wind visited chengdu corporation way wind founder and CEO of star, and listening to his talk and outbound tourism industry by the way.

“topless” run way for keeping the wind star actually very low-key

in the center of chengdu high-tech zone shudu way wind network CEO office, star wearing light color leisure sports t-shirts and shorts, intonation composed, with some media previously reported “low key” image is fit. But the boss is low-key, but a few days ago because played one and a half joking with employees on “the naked upper body and run”.

“team made a bet with me, on May 6, if exceed the highest single last year of 50% of a single order, I will be in the hottest, most time ‘naked’.” CEO star explain to the media, “as a result they do is doubled than last year on the day of the highest, of course I want to practice convention.” Way wind on May 6, “naked” price promotions on sales data to reach the outbreak, a “average every two minutes to sell a product”.

star run very hot here, just in this way the wind travel network under the background of domestic foreign market competition heats up, reverse, good performance of steady growth, according to the data provided by the team, since 2015, the wind was average monthly growth rate of 40% over the same period last year.

road network wind subsoil in outbound tourism electric dealer market for nearly 10 years, according to star, from the initial grassroots do poineering work up to now, the way the wind nets have not faced many entrepreneurs met the collapse of quick die, always be lucky. “I and two founders have long focused on the market, the English station since established in the second year of no losses, 2013 road wind network has reached more than three RMB sales scale, is rare in the Internet industry.” Star is humbly convective cloud network says they today is luck, but in fact, in the Internet industry keep steady earnings only luck is not so simple.

way wind network can maintain steady growth of the sales, in addition to aimed at the European and American tourist destination this prospective market segments, the founder and star has always been low-key solid style. On the one hand, the way the wind is rich and not burn, “our advantage is not spending money, the team is to spend a penny to break in half, only in the field of precise segmentation to cast, resulting in stable flow.” Star convective cloud network to explain the company’s marketing strategic thinking. On the other hand, unlike many startups, road net before accept ctrip strategic investment, the wind is very cautious to the financing, “many VCS looking for us, but in fact, I were refused. Some money is come soon, but has its own their demands, many VCS want profits to deliver as soon as possible, but if you want to sacrifice health products, we will resist.”

ctrip’s “Wolf” and we agree with the tourism market by quality win

way wind team in chengdu area about a total of 190 employees now, they will all move to chengdu ctrip building two blocks away, so that more convenient way wind with ctrip closer exchanges and cooperation. In December 2013, the way the wind net ctrip, transactions, according to media reports, or over $100 million. Both to reach an agreement: in maintaining their independence realize complementary resources, assist each other.

ctrip investment way, the wind is set for the north American market an important piece. And cooperation with ctrip, the way the wind is in the operating costs, channel developing, etc. “Road wind in staff training, etc also get the support and assistance ctrip.” Star said in an interview with the media. At present, the way the wind is the research and development, production, marketing, customer service, and other major departments have established a direct link with ctrip travel corresponding departments, do not communicate with them on a regular basis to share work experience; In addition, the way the wind will also invite ctrip technology Daniel to chengdu communication guidance and so on.

in addition to the ctrip itself to attract people’s strength, the star convective cloud network, said the way the wind with ctrip on the “Wolf” culture has a similar place, “ctrip is an enterprise that has a lot of sex Wolf, very exact. Way the wind will ctrip good atmosphere and culture brought to your team, this kind of invisible resources and influence, is personally, I value.”

took the enviable strategic investment, the star has not the slightest relaxation, still insist on precise and steady business strategy, he thinks that the essence of the tourism business lies in the quality of service, for some colleagues on the market at present a big price war cries of method does not agree with you.

“big price war, lower prices, than those who are now generally strange phenomenon in the industry. Behind this impetuous, everyone’s values is a problem. Some people say that whoever get the vc is half the battle, is burning with the vc money even if an effective price war against? Money is just a new beginning, the core or solve the real needs of customers, a sustained quality value for our customers.” Star convective cloud network said.

in star view, the services with the objective law, quality has a cost, both of which is the core element in the tourism business. “Travel is a very individual character, in the non-standard and decentralized markets, we need to return to the service itself, these services help customers to realize personalized oneself. Everybody should be heavy to, after all, is a big market in the future. Only do a good job in service quality of internal work, in the future to become king.”