An entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 the aunt help CEO Wan Yong, aunt took 30000 find a sense of belonging in the city

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aunt help founder Wan Yong tell hunting cloud network, we are the best one aunt aunt had brought platform 30, now she has been promoted to manager. We are open to talent, aunt also has the promotion mechanism, aunt platform now has 3000, let them put the money earned, let users enjoy the service. Internet O2O less complex, to mediation, dealmaking, reduce link, users pay only for the high quality satisfaction services, vocabulary is to give the industry people see .

all service to land on the details, start small. Simple a knock on the door, we have the breakdown process, first, and then two, then three, strength from light to heavy, if still no one came to open the door, the aunt will make a phone call to the user. We is very strict with aunt’s training, training, leaving only 10% for the first time I used to interview the aunt, is now recruiting for a 5 star international hotel, a senior cleaning long for their own training center in aunt, aunt no matter from the post at the end of the mature, everyone is partial to center in class, the passing score is 90 points, not satisfy only a second opportunity .

aunt does have some can’t stand, Wan Yong tell hunting cloud network, aunt to help aunt are hardworking, steadfast, capable. Our aunt to harsh, but treatment absolutely generous, the aunt has a base salary, aunt core is very high base salary, we guarantee that the aunt to list at least three or four days a week to do, aunt the lion’s share of the revenue still comes from the work order, we have the insurance to them, the aunt most come from the countryside, the big cities it is difficult to have a sense of belonging, actually we want the future to aunt help except for their industrious service return gold income, also give them warm in a big city.

the aunt help develop city now has 12, this year’s goal is to cover 20 cities, aunt quantity expanded to 30000 people, so this year is the aunt to help speed up, the current focus on operating cities as Beijing, Shanghai, currently only dry cleaning business operations in Beijing, qinghe there is an aunt help washing center, in the middle of the self-built Wan Yong hope self-built after washing center in first-tier cities all spread out, big cities have landed a alone. This year will increase measured category, delicate operation is the main line.

what function actually, don’t do what functionality is not in accordance with the competitors, core or user requirements. Aunt help aunts every door-to-door service, the user will be helping to ask platform can wash his clothes and laundry is a low consumption field, DaTiLiang to sustain. Five months into the laundry off-season, washing in the middle of the self-built factory also want to maintain cost, so 2 b of business we are through.

the article speak many things no harm, so continue to stop the details. Wan Yong tell hunting cloud network, laundry in fact is not like ordinary users might expect, directly from the wash before the wash after are fully automated. each clothes material, the grinding degree is different, there are stains adhesion also differ. So there will be artificial participation in the laundry process . Washing clothes before sorting, after washing the special corner unions to deal with strong adhesive stain, because the second machine wash the clothes have a damaged, we would rather artificial, although have cost, but the clothing is a kind of protection. The ironing links are artificial processing, packaging, labeling with semi-automatic. When considering self-built factory is unified standard, some quite good.

our aunt besides the door family procter & gamble, they also part-time garment of a closed door, the system will match her recent laundry service demand, after the cleaning can be approached to send. Return to the promotion mechanism of aunt, aunt to help consider is long term. return for higher wages, with high service with good leader paired with aunt when the manager when the manager, and on the professional skills, skills training tactics for their growth, the high frequency power into professional skill , this is how to reform?

now aunt aunt help platform have good cleaning door skills, but high value-added skills such as nannies, her professional skills. Wan Yong said, we will consider in 30000 by the end of the aunt some internal incubation professionals , the core of the nanny cooking skills is household cleaning + (with children), her core is to take care of the newborn + maternal. Aunt excellent ability to learn quickly, take training means to hatch a batch of high-quality aunt, aunt in help platform service career actually be disguised stretched , the aunt is a good thing. Of course, this is the follow-up to consider, will concentrate on to the aunt cleaning this market.

do you think of my aunt, they will be in the interests of users. Aunt some cleaning ability is very good, service attitude is very good also, some users will leave aunt at home to have a meal, we don’t interfere in, this is a normal human feelings in return. We are happy to see every experience aunt help service users to share friends, user communication, brand will have more life.

recently, we are considering a new skill training aunt family nanny need to cook, we ask the chef sat, aunt cast cooking, we believe that natural love of cooking the aunt can be a nanny, so don’t importune. Love cooking aunt to work family nanny.

it is not need a lot of competitors in the industry, the lack is the aunt, aunt to the war for talent to help don’t worry, with the women’s federation, the talent market have cooperation, but the most important thing is to let the aunt happy to make money, create value is hard to leave. For industry have pass this year’s domestic war Wan Yong instead said calmly. We are ready, but not with, subsidies subsidies will have their own operational ideas. Peers to calm our radical, radical our calm, this will be a change, make decisions in accordance with the situation.

the end of the interview asked Wan Yong remember aunt for the first user, Wan Yong said: is our investors, began to did not think of the last to know. Earlier the company is small, I what all do in the company, is also a kind of experience. venture this matter, only bent over, just know to correct what details .