An entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 search mentoring CEO Chen Kunxiang: education O2O burn easily backfire

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as with who, apes question bank, operation network, gently tutors are so as to obtain a new round of wholesale funding, increasingly fierce competition in the field of online education, but it does not prevent these new entrepreneurs to enter. On November 19, 2014, with the first mention of the k16 Thurber degree concept and the main teacher, “” search mentoring network also join education O2O sector.

search mentoring, founder and CEO Chen Kunxiang is a serial entrepreneur, mentoring is his third startup. For a lot of people say that education has ChengGongHai O2O areas, business do not look good, now Chen Kunxiang says now is the most appropriate time, “O2O mode and online education to the user has several years of education market, coupled with the mobile Internet era, education and training industry is a level of trillions of market, no one can take over the market, so as long as enough market segmentation can find belongs to own cake.


main K16 O2O education, it is very important to choose the teacher

search teacher and pupil’s primary function is to search, namely location-based position location and big data applications, precision docking teacher and the student anytime and anywhere, and match, to help parents find good teacher around; The second basic function is to serve, search mentoring is committed to building a teaching platform, help the teacher to easily recruit students, help teachers to improve teaching efficiency; The third function is to promote the teachers and students online mutual, guarantee transaction, any retreat mechanism, solve the information asymmetry and ensuring students interests, and many other ills.

it is worth mentioning and main K12 elementary and middle schools education products on the market, search mentoring orientation on K16 O2O education platform. Chen Kunxiang said in an interview with hunting cloud network, with the gradual popularization of delay retirement and college education, in the near future, the university education will inevitably will also be a member of the national compulsory education system, in other words K12 the import will be expired. , on the other hand, he also said, K4 college education with K12 education of primary and secondary schools belong to the category of domestic traditional academic education, both students and parents, schools are both the most important attitude, they should be in the same camp, this is completely different from skills training or hobbies, and other areas in people’s minds; , of course, more important is also differentiated positioning strategy, the team in the field of K4 university education has deep five years and is also a kind of optimal allocation of resources integration and thoughts.

teaching itself is a very serious thing, however, are not standardised goods, personalized service, so it is very important to choose to the teacher. Especially in the traditional academic education this market segment, the teacher level is related to the child’s future and the future, especially concerned parents. It is based on the essence of education teaching and students’ parents demands of the profound insight, so search mentoring teacher basic it is the record of formal schooling of above of people.

at the same time, Chen Kunxiang knows Thurber education itself is not the same as teaching ability. Therefore, search mentoring is not the only option as to guarantee the teaching effect. In any search teacher and pupil, the teacher had done 100% real-name certificate and degree certificate, as well as the necessary qualifications or professional qualification certification. At present, search mentoring also made active exploration in simulating teaching link, through comprehensive certification review mechanism for the parents of students good teacher quality. Master in the future, search platform of teacher certification, in addition to the necessary qualifications and identity authentication, each teacher will pass strict teaching demonstration of screening, obviously after many certification Thurber highly educated teachers will be popular.

subsidies shall not apply to the education industry

Chen Kunxiang think education teaching is the essence of teaching is learning. First of all, a good teacher can give students not only knowledge and the improvement of performance, but also the correct learning methods used, and communicating truth; Not second, teacher, I teach good students, good students also can promote the teacher’s self-development, inspire teachers to further improve the quality of teaching. As education platform, therefore, should always be the introduction of good teachers, good teaching quality as the first task of platform development, only in this way can truly regression nature education teaching. Search mentoring hope embarks from the education teaching essence to Thurber teacher education as the breakthrough point spread slowly, perhaps the process a bit slow, but she can be a solid, is different from rival platform.

the current education market, in addition to the parents of students to find a good teacher difficulties and high cost of teacher recruitment difficult and preparing teaching, teachers’ information and word of mouth is not transparent, high fee paid by students, teachers, pay is out of step with income, ensuring students’ rights and interests, and many other industries the pain points, the market has also made a quick buck, good and evil people mixed up. For some platform of money subsidies Chen Kunxiang is against it.

he believes that education is a standardized product, subsidies may be able to win a temporary increase, but when parents students find quality couldn’t keep up with the teaching effect, the result will be counterproductive, this platform will be abandoned by the market in the future. Subsidies may be applicable to products similar to take a taxi, that have no effect of the difference, but it does not apply to the education industry. “Search mentoring never follow up this subsidy mode, effect of optimizing teachers and high quality to win customers forever.”

search mentoring opportunities of the future planning and new entrepreneurs

when it comes to business model, to hunt Chen Kunxiang cloud network, according to the search business model of teacher and pupil is clear, have the group network, public comment on network, taobao, and many other similar platform can draw lessons from a mature and success. The next stage will be mainly revolves around the following aspects:

the first: further refine the user demand and feedback, rapid advance iterative update platform product, enhance the user experience, to better meet the demand of teachers and students;

the second: increase the value-added services to users, search mentoring will further improve the students “” post demand function, search mentoring community, etc., will enable students and teachers outside the classroom to interactive, make” low frequency “into” high frequency “of teaching interaction;


have entrepreneurial dream and like-minded co-founder, recruit more talented, further build stronger core team.

“of course, as a platform, the early stage of the accumulation mainly based on the user is given priority to, there is massive users have a business model. This is also our current priority job.” Chen Kunxiang said.

in the end, an interview with Chen Kunxiang whether there is any chance for new entrepreneurs. Education O2O still in the exploratory stage, the overall market is not yet mature, and with the development of industry likely new “opportunities”, this is for new project opportunities. But only fast not to break the mobile Internet era, has been operating or accumulated platform, has certain market, has the first mover advantage, the project how to locate a new enter, how to integrate resources, etc., is quite a challenge. But, in the foreseeable future, education will stage the 020 “thousand regiment war” in the field of group purchase, can survive after all, is one of the few players in the end.

now thousands of the best schools in the country people master teacher in search of record of formal schooling, teacher and pupil relies mainly on the founding team has its own capital operation. Coverage in xiamen and Beijing at present, the late quickly and power of radiation national market.