An entrepreneurial hero collect 】 【 HuiSuo screen founder Jiang Min asked: why Obama in South Korea to China business

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from just five months after last time, before HuiSuo screen has users from 10 million up to now 30 million registered users, including 2.5 million active users. Performance behind the explosion, how does it truly unique products and operating? Let us once again into the HuiSuo screen and its founder.

HuiSuo screen Jiang Min please tell hunting cloud network founder, HuiSuo screen in August last year to tens of millions of angel financing, received millions of dollars in January this year A round of funding, also recently took several TS (A term sheet).

Continuous business,

by education with Chinese market

the author thinks that, good family education should be the direction of the guide to the child a large, tell him the right through, to cultivate his independent personality. Has been Jiang Min o family education say must leave the Chinese market, because China has a very big development space, can better play to their value. Open education environment, through the influence of the three kingdom culture, to China’s development is Jiang Min for final selection.

Jiang Min beg to China and South Korea the development of the Internet also has its own understanding: “South Korea’s Internet channel is unitary, just offer a niche market as a application for users to solve the problem, not a platform to the concept of embedded market. In China, if you don’t do platform, will be overtaken by competitors, will be eliminated by the market. The Chinese market is very big, can do ecosystems, many products together is a complete ecosystem.”

14, start a business, to make life in North America the first 16, one million, 19 at the magic from the financial, 20 years old mechanical project start-up failure to return to the origin, through the Canadian city in the United States alone and forest farm, a year later returned to the magic are excellent continue business life.

start contact mobile Internet, 13 March 13 years HuiSuo screen, a bonded laborer self-styled, responsible for the company’s vision, the development of comprehensive strategy and organizational structure. Development up to now, the team has 60 members, establishing HuiSuo screen to the core team members of this project are from university alumni. Jiang Min pray during the period of school had begun to prophase preparation, before advertising consulting projects also do HuiSuo screen for transformation after laid a certain foundation.

smell lock screen business opportunities, to the Internet

13 years start HuiSuo screen, no similar project in the market. About why think of advertising on the lock screen insert the breakthrough, Jiang Min tell hunting cloud network: “think of the mobile Internet has a lot of development, if we had not begin to enter the mobile Internet, future competition will be more and more big, more and more no advantage, mobile Internet is a big business, so on the path of entrepreneurship.”

on the premise of no technology and experience, Jiang Min financial professional background, so choose the project related to professional to do it. I engaged in the advertising consulting work for many years, but to distinguish with traditional advertising platform. Lock and unlock the phone’s screen is on all the time, what can light up the screen for a few seconds, Jiang Min see the value of the lock screen, feel this is a great breakthrough, HuiSuo screen to start working on the project.

at the beginning of the company established, no Internet experience, no money, no contacts, get most of them are negative, but development to the present, HuiSuo screen development in the field of the lock screen to everyone. Jiang Min said, “in the mobile Internet industry business, more important is the direction and courage to find direction is to stick to go on, don’t reach the results you want is not good enough. You go”

play the value of the lock screen, unlock can make money

in 14 years no start-up lock screen as an entrance. Lock screen gives a person the first impression is the lock screen tool, just know lock to provide users with the wallpaper and beautiful unlock pattern, can’t develop user viscosity, this is a sore point lock screen, because only confined to the tool level. And embedded HuiSuo screen is a tool platform, has played a great value of the lock screen.

“HuiSuo screen” is a product of advertising pictures as user’s phone lock screen picture APP, users can use the fragmentation of time, and even unconscious unlock process to watch an image ads. Right can slide to unlock income 2 cents, sliding into the advertising page left to earn the amount which you marked. Sounds really is hollowing out, but it is the little a few cents, greatly reduces the users for advertising, but also brings considerable cash receipts for the user.

the specific income is how many? Now the user experience into consideration, the related unlock integral did some minor adjustment to return to the user, is effective to unlock every hour three times before 6 cents, now unlock every hour for 6 cents, just made a minor adjustment on mode, its essence is still the same. Use once to replace the previous three times, improve the user experience. The average income of users in 50-100 yuan.

exchange mall, become the new profit point, HuiSuo screen will insist on the principle of two

HuiSuo screen doing now is based on the user’s habits, according to the users to install the App to more accurate for the user to push a message. Allows the user to see the news and electricity preferential information. The entrance of the Internet is a search engine, and the entry of the mobile Internet is click, users need on the basis of large data pushed to the user, under the lock screen is the first entry.

HuiSuo screen is the biggest breakthrough in June last year online mall function. It avoids the traditional method of withdrawal and prepaid phone, but allow the user to buy virtual goods, such as tickets, coffee coupons, game currency, glass and other daily necessities. HuiSuo screen with the exchange of the huge purchasing power mall, online mall plates is less than eight months, now the exchange volume has reached 10 million, mall plate is also after advertising revenue and a profit points.

now HuiSuo screen cooperation of advertisers in the majority with game ads and Internet finance, we have learned, now there are more than 1500 advertisers. Using HuiSuo screen in addition to the young otaku, around the user in the majority with aunt.

will try to use the API feeder HuiSuo screen lock screen, push the sales promotion activity in the market place to mobile phones, integral can be used on multiple platforms. HuiSuo screen for advertisers diversion, improve the purchase rate of electricity, is a kind of new advertising models.

in the developing, HuiSuo screen will adhere to two principles: 1, adhere to the ecological system, based on the user’s habits and customs, through its HuiSuo screen interface to get more information of life. 2, to unlock the value of these simple operating, in the form of cash to return to the user, to increase user stickiness, allow the user to fragmentation of the commercial time return.