An egret founder small early in the United States: the door O2O beautician how to do

(/xiao-miao li wen)

maybe artisans in this year, all in the ideal of liberation of craftsmen signature into O2O product from the original, also became the liberation,,,,. Service object is from the service of door-to-door O2O O2O. Even the door O2O concept has not been in the industry and entrepreneurs to understand, to get a new round of financing beaver’s home and played the concept. Industry has visible.

recent interview to another in cloud network beautician hunting the door of the O2O egrets beauty products, but in the early founder of small, egrets the ideal of beauty and other O2O the door products are quite different, so what is the ideal what he wants?

small early founder egrets beauty, is a serial entrepreneur after 80, was founded in 2007 in suzhou rich network, 12 years as an air purifier BeiAng partners, 13 years after exit width ground network, founded in October 14 years entrepreneurship again two reappeared technology co., LTD., Beijing released door-to-door beauty beauty products egrets, small sole tell hunting cloud network at the beginning of product launch on the eve of 14 years has acquired in December Mr Yu and north vc must angels .

egrets, a door-to-door beauty application launch on January 21, 2015, the mainly to provide customers with facial and body care services . The user can choose according to geographical position distance beautician door-to-door service, or on the basis of the platform to provide services, price, service time efficacy, suitable crowd, operation steps, choice of using products services such as information services, or according to their own time arrangement in plate, booking directly select the right time, to make an appointment beautician door-to-door service, users after placing the booking beautician will promptly with telephone communication, determine the appointments and help users beauty project to verify whether is suitable for skin .

the egrets beauty android applications, ISO have been launched and support in the Beijing area to use, the user can through egrets the APP or WeChat platform booking beautician door-to-door service. User can experience after the service satisfaction evaluation was carried out on the beautician, each beautician service times, professional degree, the concept of time and communication are intuitive display platform. egrets on the platform to the hairdresser with full-time flex time work week, each beautician can arrange scheduling system set up to work on time, decide to work time. Future egrets beautician beauty is on the basis of user evaluation divided into excellent hairdresser, star beautician senior beautician, level 3, will points per level 10 small plate, the beautician level service prices vary , the user can according to their own needs to choose suitable beautician door-to-door service.

founder small tell hunting cloud network at the beginning of march, egrets beauty is mainly to expand the Shanghai market, the future is expected to in May, is on the basis of each city GDP, cosmetic market situation and the comprehensive factors such as local beauty needs, select 6 provincial cities for market development. In addition, on the product service project, can according to the practice of product operating results and user review feedback, at the right time to join more appropriate service category.

two reappeared company currently stationed in Beijing, suzhou street, just to found many women sitting hall, the hall next to the small room and some women compatriots in the interview (don’t ask me how I know). Inquire of founder just know, it is aggressively recruiting beautician. Egrets beauty support 24 hours service at present, the average guest unit price is 280 yuan , the user can place the order at any time, on the platform of 20 hairdresser has not enough use, in the afternoon and weekend service peak, more hands are full. Small tell hunting cloud network at the beginning of March 10 conference line a beautician, beautician team expects that his drought-striken fields the stage can reach 30 people or so.

each beautician egrets beauty with at least 5 years working experience in big stores, platform will the technician will credit evaluation and verification of experience, in front of the door to door service have been unified pre-service training, to practise the service process. Process including, overshoes, that take the door service for hand washing before disinfection, incense, open own bluetooth speakers, with u-shaped pillow, such as platform regulations forbid to bind marketing . Platform in order to ensure the security of beautician, as a beautician bought commercial insurance, safeguard and beautician for locating and tracking, if the hairdresser is stay too long in service, the platform will launch safety early warning plan .

beauty project via mobile Internet flattening management, remove the dealers, agents, store cost, decoration, etc. Series, after the user with traditional beauty salon can enjoy in the cost of 30% of the same or even better service, at least no longer to handle card or by a variety of packages bundled consumption and indignation, the hairdresser never play the role of “sales personnel”, can really wholeheartedly for the user to do care .

when it comes to product idea, said at the beginning of a small mobile Internet beautician door products, can bring a beautician first is income, other beautician can independently manage their work time, egrets beauty platform at present into mechanism, beautician income all belongs to the hairdresser, hairdresser just bear beauty supplies. But beyond that, egrets wanted to do more for the hairdresser.

I don’t like call beautician artisans, I think the hairdresser is a beautiful angel, let the love of beauty of the people have the right to beauty. We beautician for pre-service training is in addition to do unified beauty knowledge skills, beauty, the in the mind, can give a beautician training some of the knowledge of high quality life, like the red wine culture, such as luxury culture, let the beautician become an intellectual women , they will be in the service of a convey this spirit or services and to their customers. Egrets, want to do is help beautician improve women’s status.

now do door-to-door beauty and hairdressing, small home, Bai Caijia, director of the Taoist, beautiful +, etc. Small early tell hunting cloud network, beauty to achieve good effect, on the one hand, by the beautician technique, the other key factor is whether the menu collocation of beauty products can give play to the effect of beauty products, now do the door some, hairdressing and beauty institutions, will be moved to the salon products menu online, similar to the beauty salon do distribution, and egrets beauty has its own beauty menu is responsible for the team, responsible for product combination collocation of menu, by contrast, this is the beauty of egrets advantage .

menu also egrets beauty products, beauty equipment, bring the beauty box door are through strict screening, such as to modulation mask mask, egrets beauty use are elegant horn products, rather than the quality of a material of plastic. Egrets beauty hope can through the high quality service, excellent door-to-door beauty brand.