An easy quick fix CEO Wang Zhengkun: car market outlook in the future to heavy model transformation inevitably

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as we all know, the car light indication of O2O model products, mostly in car wash O2O, entrepreneurs think that car is high frequency, just need, specific practices for washing subsidies, the price war, in order to promote products, operating user, user habits, but if there are no subsidies, high frequency, just need to wash the car it is? The user gave an interesting answer: wife no rush won’t wash; There are important things; According to the weather conditions; Of course this is only one.

another car afternoon entrepreneurs will be looking at to the traditional 4 s shop, store + car online operations into the afternoon, claimed that the traditional 4 s shop, create a new user experience. At present two kinds of patterns have been recognised by capital.

cloud network recently interviewed car hind heavy pattern of hunting products easy quick fix Wang Zhengkun, founder of before making a easy quick fix Wang Zhengkun who have served in IBM, then invested in a 4 s shop, he was the co-founder of zhang jie is his customers, online education is one of the founders, Wang Zhengkun convince zhang jie made easy fast repair business together.

product positioning in the auto quick repair field, use + entity stores online operating mode, based on the site, WeChat end, APP to provide users with car maintenance, beauty, maintenance and other one-stop services, is committed to build fast repair chain stores. Launched in May 2014, in February 2015 to obtain the speed of light, throws the $12 million to A round of funding, A few months ago was awarded Wang Xiao thousands yuan angel investors.

at present in China has more than 500 motor repair technicians, which have at least 5 years working experience in mechanics, offline self-built logistics, warehouse, such as monitoring, video service process, service supervision, convenient to trace. in Wang Zhengkun view, fast repair do not upset easily, but to improve the 4 s store user experience, Internet makes service open, transparent, surveillance, traceability.

future car afternoon to heavy model transformation inevitably

Wang Zhengkun tell hunting cloud network: the future automobile market after the following products will be development trend.

1) car hind heavy model product; 2) auto zero device manufacturers.

Wang Zhengkun tell hunting cloud network chose mode entrepreneurship, because he just want to do business high threshold car afternoon, creating their own barriers to competition in the industry .

he thinks car afternoon products will do big will not only depend on the high frequency of business, need to be supported by highly profitable business; In addition, for car afternoon, door-to-door service basic can only wash the car, interior clean, simple, more complex car maintenance, beauty, or need to offline store, as for the vehicle maintenance and repair at present can’t from the support of the offline store. Wang Zhengkun think about 1 years, the light pattern of product to model transformation.

in addition, the price war, after all, not a long-term solution to develop user habits and from the point of current data to fast repair operations, users use the highest frequency of cleaning service is the car interior, frequency is twice a year;

Wang Zhengkun tell hunting cloud network, found in the operation, the users think quick fix is just need . Reason is trust and service quality. When you can take the service public, transparent display to the user, can give a user with traditional 4 s shop to get a sense of security; When the service quality, to create their own brands, to provide users with a higher service monitoring, users will rely on formation, formed heavy mode user viscosity, light pattern to form the user viscosity may be a little difficult.

of course choose heavy patterns entrepreneurship need offline resources and support traditional 4 s shops operating experience, that is why entrepreneurial teams go light mode (no resources, no experience), from here you can see the importance of auto zero device manufacturers, and Wang Zhengkun is an advantage in this respect.

another former IBM and some technical personnel resources, easy fast online team from baidu, Meituan city, home of the car, 58, dangdang, YY, and other enterprises, at the same time, this also is the most important emphasis of entrepreneurial teams.

the way of 4 s shops + Internet, will make the 4 s shop no choice?

Wang Zhengkun to hunt cloud network, according to a recent fast acquisition of a high-end 4 s shop, the ongoing industry chain layout, although the traditional 4 s shop is low, but want to overturn it, the Internet way is not for a moment can do, is easy to quickly repair five offline store in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other places also opened two offline store, respectively.

heavy model is not without its shortcomings, to meet the inventory pressure, difficult to make the transition , Wang Zhengkun tell hunting cloud network, their 0 inventory items and store information management system (not divulged) project specific information will be announced in the near future, we’ll see what Wang Zhengkun can turn up the wave?

Wang Zhengkun entrepreneurial also met many pit on the road, let him most is: team personnel and position matching and promotion . In the early stage of the business, the company lack the person, we could work to the people who do not fit, not good at to do, temporary filling vacancies, but this will give startups bring some unnecessary trouble, but finally a lot of things have to entrepreneurs “hands-on”; Easy fast, on the other hand, in the early, in the aspect of pushing, ate very thanks to, thought to push, it is very simple thing, not a detailed consideration, deployment, such as the surrounding environment, traffic conditions, and possibly some emergency (urban management. ), which leads to the promotion from otherwise normal operations, cause unnecessary trouble and loss.

his advice to entrepreneurs is: 1) what must be done to professional people, rather short of don’t disorderly; 2) there is no small matter, entrepreneurship that must be taken seriously.