America’s best business incubator TOP20, Angelpad ranked first

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today, hunting cloud network editor jun to bring us the America’s most prestigious 20 business incubator. Let’s meet this article author luxury lineup: Yale hodge berg (Yael Hochberg), seed incubator rankings, managing director of the project, is rice university business school associate professor of finance and business professional, Jones is a scientific research institute of the Massachusetts institute of technology innovation plan; Susan Cohen (Susan Cohen), seed incubator annual rankings, deputy director of the project is under the Robins school of management at Richmond university; Finally, feder Dan (Dan Fehder) is the project’s deputy director and chief technical expert. Above the three characters are ranked, whether can let you take orally?

well, get to the point, cut to the chase.

booming in recent years the development of technology, more and more new projects, frequently rise every month, in this context, an industry characteristics of entrepreneurial incubator arises at the historic moment.

in many ways, and every year to join the business incubators project has become an important ceremony most entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process.

participation is important, but with the business incubator project more and more, and every project and little public reference information, how to choose one of the most effective project, how to determine whether the project is to help business, became the new problem of entrepreneurs. So, we have set up an incubator seeds ranking projects, to help our entrepreneurs solve new choice problem, is that we set up the project in the first place.

our purpose, is not only to promote about for nearly a decade of discussion of business incubator model, but also entrepreneurs to help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of projects.

overall for the project is an extension of the business incubator ranking research, the study in 2010, initially by Aziz Gilnai, Kelly Quann and Yael Hochberg spearheaded. In the SXSW conference, we officially released the latest statistics annual incubator list.

this year witnessed countless change trend. First, although new projects have sprung up, but there are also a significant part of the project was knocked out in the stream of competition. In addition, many new projects have the characteristics of vertical specialization, focus on a particular area, such as health care and energy development. Finally, there are many project is associated with the local government or the state’s policies.

overall, in the process of our evaluation, we found that there are quite a few very attractive new projects, but these programs run time is too short, don’t have enough data to prove that its actual effect, so it’s a pity that in today’s ranking of the new project has not been taken into account. However, we believe that we can see in the list of incubator in the coming years these interesting project.

to judge whether a project has no qualifications, we believe that, first of all, these projects must conform to the accepted definition of business incubator project: on a regular basis, based on the team, provide entrepreneurial guidance and finally able to demonstrate their entrepreneurial achievement in public.

in addition, to participate in the ranking of projects must have at least one issue of “the graduate”, including at least 10 graduate start-up, and the company is located in the United States, is willing to provide completely transparent data for our team. , of course, in addition to these projects, there are many projects though does not meet these standards, but they are also called “incubator project”. But in our ranking projects, these projects we have not given consideration. In the end, we certification and invited more than 150 projects to participate in our project.

in order to make no real, reliable and persuasive, we extensively collected each incubator project, as well as its “graduates” of detailed data, including business incubator provide us with confidential information.

then, we calculated a series of quantitative indicators to a better understanding of how to sort according to the results of some important project, these results include: the valuation, financing and exit rate and survival rate. We have also added some indexes, such as graduate members of each incubator extensive survey, in order to get project members satisfaction and would recommend to successors in the project such as assessment information.

in our survey, nearly 1000 incubator project “alumni” to share with us their entrepreneurial experience in these projects.

according to our target, the following is a 20 year ago business incubator list:

this year, in the list of top three new changes have taken place: Angelpad ranked the first (3) on the in last year’s list; The next is Mucher Lab (fourth) and satellites (the second) last year ranked second and third place. Angelpad can become champion of the three major advantages: first, the “graduates” highly praised; Second, under its portfolio companies has the very high valuations; Third, the successful financing.

in the same way, the Mucher Lab also because of wide acclaim and success of the alumni financing in second place, but satellites are slightly different. Satellites on the list of reasons more value and the enterprise survival advantages, at the same time a strong alumni network also bring many benefits to its “graduates”. This year for The first time to participate in The incubator ranking project of The University of Chicago NVC, due to its combination of startup outstanding graduate ahead of schedule – including Grubhub valued at $2 billion IPO and Braintree acquisition such as list – ranks fourth.

the list this year, the score was very close between each incubator, even appeared the phenomenon of parallel. First from the fifth to the tenth, between their total score is relatively close to. Second, there are two parallel ranked 12th. Finally from the 16th to 20th place between, these incubators score again.

but remarkably famous incubator Y Combinator and RockHealth this year does not appear in our list, is not the project is not successful, because it is based on 2013 data, if Y Combinator not transformation, it will still be one of the best on this list, but this year, Y Combinator and RockHealth tend to see themselves as seed money rather than the business incubator, and also hope that we will be able to understand and treat them with respect to the development of the new model.

so, one might wonder, what we are used to index to evaluate the effect of the incubator? We can say that in order to accurately understand the more incubator project, we assessed the different aspects: under the portfolio of the company’s average valuations, the company has graduated, obtain important financing or the proportion of angel investment, the company obtained the average financing amount, portfolio companies, successful early exit proportion, early exit an average valuation of these companies, is still in the proportion of company operations, and finally, graduated from members of the project.

in order to ensure that all is in the objective and fair, we have graduated for one year, two and three years of the company separately, and for different stages into incubator company we also do the appropriate adjustment, such as compared to the innovation of the new company, the company whether before that have got a round or two rounds of financing or already have good profits.

all in all, from the point of our list, graduated in the top 10 incubator startup current total valuations are slightly less than $4.4 billion. In the first 10 projects, only about 3.5% of the company successfully early exit, although this number is a little bit not ideal, but given the financing stage from seed to finally successful exit need time not too long the emergence of this new trend, we regard these data completely.

there are 35.6% of start-ups a year later, she graduated from the project won the key round of financing, financing amount on average around $1.5 million. At the same time, we can see clearly, from the perspective of entrepreneurial firms, the more top incubator project, the more able to gain high recognition on a global scale.

, for example, in the top 10 projects, 96% of start-ups said they never regretted involved in these projects.

this year, the top 20 rankings between business incubator competition is fierce. With new project more and more, plus the legalization of equity participation in the project and has a special relationship requires the increase of the project (such as belonging to the university programs, etc.), than usual this year to participate in the ranking list of candidate pool has increased significantly. In view of this, get rid of the top 20 list of any one of all make a significant change.

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