Alternative Feelu: instantaneous social, take pictures, front and rear camera hit it off, leaving the most beautiful time

(text/Tang Yaqin)

a photo before and after the use of two cameras, there was a beautiful scenery, has taken the landscape of your expression.

there are too many pictures, figure artifact on the market, these pictures are so beautiful, even deviate from reality, easy to produce fatigue, didn’t really pay attention to the core and Feelu do is through the mirror, one side autodyne, highlight the protagonist, scenery, food, pet, etc., on the other side to give priority to, the relationship between people advocate people with food, pet, travel social attribute, social relations between people; In relation to push content, through the footprint, cloud photo albums, group motivate users to send pictures, send photos to generate content records footprint at the same time, also can match with sound, is a collection of words, pictures, voice 3 d shooting tools, positioning is main double-sided photographed and instantaneous social APP based on LBS.

to return to products, Feelu how play, function is simple operation, the user simply according to the steps before and after the camera at the same time, can also choose to match with the sound, through the chart to record the footprint, in the form of a timeline to show the user travel experience and life fragments, form a personal cloud photo album.

Feelu function characteristics:

topic classification: easy to find and eliminate unnecessary noise, active links. Users themselves can also set up.

data mining: through the analysis of large data such as social circle, push to give users more accurate topic of interest and character.

near friends: according to the geographical position to expand the circle of friends, if interested, can watch each other cloud photo album, to get to know each other.

live chat: the difference in figure, the other party sent a picture of a real-time, on both sides of the chat background automatically update sending pictures for each other.

FeeluCEO Zhu Benfu tell hunting cloud network, mirror photo taken before, during, and after using Feelu is not just a shooting mode, can the screen switch back, up and down or so exchange, screen, a total of 16 kinds of mode, the user can maximum limit to filming composition, show unusual. Show on the front page, the more is more than one version of the picture, later will be a single image screen sliding browsing.

will use star, big V effect in terms of promotion, distributing free mobile WIFI App end, will be on campus. In view of the present travel agency of P2P model mostly, Feelu take main current and overseas travel team for product promotion, and share the user, and then to combine with tourism closely, at the party, for example, can play solitaire double-sided photo, multi-platform development promotion in the end. During launch photo printing, tourism peripheral products and images copyright sales, application to deep analysis of the large data, more joint is the product of the experience of users. Zhu Benfu said with a smile, Feelu population coverage is very wide, they focus on the high ages, some older people also like to shoot some scenes in life, such as cooking show, reflect a kind of attitude to life.

Feelu is still in beta, currently has 3000 users, iOS version has not been launched, will be launched in early June, at present the main adjustment, more to realize the user quick and easy way of operation, not late for complicated image processing, of course, can also according to user’s special demand filter function. In private, from the background, 80% users into Feelu operation is a preferred, can be stored locally also can undertake printing, indicating the user is using a double take photos like function, and can get into the habit of double pictures. As users rose, including overseas users, through double pictures to expand social, in the form of a tool to promote, through social to stimulate users to take pictures. Later will be more big data algorithm to the users with precise friends push, interact. Launch related activities online, offline will against food on-site activities such as interaction. In terms of sound added, as the picture slide show, sound will automatically play, moreover according to the user’s footprint to make personalized electronic photo album.

the team aspect, Zhu Benfu Feelu’s founder, graduated from 12 years to join a startup, as the company’s first formal employees, responsible for the form of a company the whole technical team and development of core products; And lead the team to successfully launch the company high frame rate of the visual inspection identification device. 14 years began to form their own team may create figure inscription technology co., LTD. Hangzhou. APP architects Wan Shaobo Wan Xing worked at shenzhen technology co., LTD., is the early hundreds of millions of users powercam team members, is now responsible for Feelu product architecture design.

about financing, Zhu Benfu revealed that Feelu is in contact with the capital.