Alibaba to Solo to build the world’s first scene perception of mobile phone desktop


recently, held in San Francisco’s global AppsWorld keynote, Solo system co-founder Peter Zhu, vice President of global strategic cooperation with alibaba’s Alohar mobile founder and President of Sam Liang officially announced the two companies to establish strategic partnership. At the same time in the declaration of Solo AppsWorld convention system announced the next generation of products’ Information FindsYou “namely” Information to find you.

Solo system, products in the Google app store a total of 150 million downloads. Solo desktop is its flagship product, the App can help the user personalized Settings and beautify the desktop phone. Solo system also plan to continue to develop new hardware based intelligent products to establish contact with the information they really care about.

Alohar alibaba’s company is based in Palo Alto, California. The company created the world’s first platform moving scene, which formed a scenario map. It can through the use of smart sensors equipment to connect people with the physical world.

“Solo desktop Alohar scene sensing technology is used to improve the App recommendation system based on real-time scene, to provide users with better recommend scenario-based App experience.” Peter Zhu in the speech.

Sam Liang said in his speech, “we have been in different scenarios, are constantly surrounded by, influenced by, all the scene added together makes us different people’s lives. We will more fully use the scene to make our life better.”

Solo prototype system has been established a few products, can use Alohar scene perception technology automatically learning records the user’s habits and preferences. Center of scene perception, in particular, can be based on user’s mobile real-time scene showing the App and contents of the information needed for the user to create a personalized information flow.

, for example, a user is usually at about 10:00 p.m. by Uber left the company. Because Alohar Solo desktop access service scenario perception therefore automatically identification to the user will be used to call car service, Uber so Uber presets to quickly access in advance, thus easy to take a taxi. As shown in the figure below:

another example: you used to go to the gym and do exercise, Solo desktop Alohar service based automatic learning function will within its mobile phone music App presets to quickly open, also can recommend more suitable for fitness when listening to music.

with the aid of Alohar scene perception technology, Solo desktop users for all scenarios into big data, to provide users with quality service life experience and information recommendation!

Ma Yunceng alibaba three strategies: “globalization, big data and rural electricity”. Solo and alibaba’s Alohar cooperation, it is in line with the globalization and large data two strategic direction. Alohar and cooperation between Solo systems may be able to bring more intelligent products into the market and to redefine the user interaction with equipment and find information. Truly “Information FindsYou”.

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