Ali will Tmall medicine injection ali health not only, also send Eddie wu in the past

recently, ali group to speed up the adjustment and investment on ali health business. In addition to the day before yesterday announced the Tmall online pharmaceutical business operating rights after ali health, announced today, ali group one of the founders of 18, partner at Eddie wu will serve as chairman and non-executive director, ali health as ali health CEO and executive director wang lei.

the appointment of two senior managers are in ali ali health group has more than 10 years of work experience, in the Internet, big data application, e-commerce operations and management team has a wealth of experience, and have wireless Internet and online business background and experience.

the new health board chairman Eddie wu, ali is one of the founders of alibaba group, 18, alibaba group partners. Eddie wu in alibaba group search business, advertising and wireless business, at the ali group chairman jack ma’s special assistant. Eddie wu leadership development have a profound effect on the advertising industry of alibaba advertising system based on Internet. At the same time, Eddie wu as head technology involved in the alibaba B2B, taobao, pay treasure to ali group’s major business start-up, and the leadership of the early taobao taobao important business of wireless mobile phones and mobile phone, taobao has become the world’s largest wireless shopping APP.

the new CEO wang lei, ali health working in alibaba group, more than 10 years. Announcement, according to wang lei into the alibaba since 2003, including customer management, advertising business, wireless business department served as a post. September 2013, wang lei as alibaba group for little division general manager, and independently bear tao diandian group management operations.