Ali went to sea, another ship: ali cloud

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UC President ucweb CEO said, today, there is no competition, the enterprise and the enterprise not forever cooperation, the norm of “competition” is a business relationship. Amazon’s relationship with alibaba vividly illustrates this: Amazon’s flagship store in the Tmall surfaced over the last few days, ali cloud established the first overseas data centers in silicon valley, for American companies and Chinese companies are moving into North America, to provide cloud Computing services, including its American rival Amazon AWS , Microsoft Azure and GCE ( Google Computing Engine ).

ali internationalization is not only a transaction

this is just the beginning, ali cloud as alibaba’s third largest after electricity business and financial business, follow the alibaba overall internationalization trend, started their internationalization strategy. Before the completion of data centers in silicon valley, ali cloud has been started in China Hong Kong data center, it ACTS as a special position in Hong Kong international beachhead. In silicon valley, North America, Europe, Japan, Singapore, the location of the data center is also in the Middle East.

responsible for ali cloud, vice President of the international business is YuSiCheng, undergraduate course school: from ma as a teacher in hangzhou university of electronic science and technology, after the study in Canada. He 14 months time completes the 2 and a half years of course, only the 22 years old has become an American online company CTO . 2001 , YuSiCheng from BEA American headquarters relocation, chief technical adviser, oracle, a former Beijing co., LTD., general manager of greater China technology, have rich experience in international and partner resources.

alibaba in 2014 9 month in nyse when it launched the international strategy. Ali a series of actions, overseas marketing, international business introduction, investment overseas logistics, are doing international trade business, is to help Chinese people buy goods from overseas, or make Chinese goods sold to overseas customers at sea.

ali cloud internationalization means that not all ali international trading. Ali cloud drive business, this technology will also be internationalized, ali cloud patterns, is to B enterprise services, is a big data business, they are also ali “data, financial and platforms” the core content of the three strategic.

ali cloud go out of style?

2013 in the amazon founder, CEO Jeff bezos in AWS internal communication meeting before entering China, said: “ali cloud will be amazon AWS biggest competitor”. This is not alarmist, because the competition is becoming a reality, ali cloud has proved its strength.

before ali cloud go, amazon AWS in 2013 years in China, Microsoft AZURE entered China in the past year. Coupled with the local Chinese cloud computing vendors, highlighting China with cloud computing. Ali cloud has become a matter of fact, however, one of the biggest public cloud vendors, Microsoft and Amazon market share can be neglected. Ali cloud has 140 Wan Yun computing customer, there is no lack of 12306 cn , the China meteorological administration, this kind of complex computing needs large special customers. Ali cloud and double tenth, celestica fund these ali has its own business computing support. Overseas giant did not prove that he can beat ali in the Chinese market, ali cloud to go out now, and they are to compete in the global market, more confident.

ali cloud has advantages in technology. It has 5 k clusters computer room, and implements the cluster computing across the room. In addition to calculate the storage service, ali cloud also offers the perfect CDN , load balancing SLB , relational database service RDS cloud, cloud shield, search and other services. If the company needs to be big data processing, you can use ali cloud ODPS data processing services (open). The future will be open to the international enterprise with the ali cloud globalization. 2014, alibaba group to attract the world’s top computer scientists, a prospective research institutions in places such as silicon valley, Seattle iDST , the power of cloud computing and big data.

in addition to technology, cloud computing core competition lies in the service and cost. Cloud computing is essentially doing enterprise services, developers and the enterprise production based on cloud services, so the cloud computing service providers must be able to solve the developer and the enterprise’s immediate concern, flexible quick response demand, ali cloud after-sales process and team service ability, is “a good reputation in the industry, market share is proof of that. And costs, the essence of cloud computing scale to reduce calculation cost of through many a mickle makes a muckle, ali cloud back ali this big tree, electrical characteristics for ali business of peak valley provides a large number of redundant computing resources, which help to reduce the cost.

ali cloud abroad have a competitive advantage?

in China, Microsoft Windows Azure try to on customer group and ali cloud differentiation, and have a certain scale of Internet companies such as renren, or the world 500 strong enterprise cooperation. Ali cloud is the focus of the developers, small and medium-sized enterprises and government departments. After internationalization, ali cloud customer strategy may change, choose those who are in the process of internationalization of Chinese enterprises, for example, or want of overseas enterprises in China, it can ensure that customers enjoy the same set of cloud service system at home and abroad, enterprises need to face multiple cloud computing platform, deployment, and operations more simple.

ali cloud costs relative to foreign giants, have a certain competitiveness. In China, Microsoft AZURE the price is much higher than ali cloud, a face of the small and medium-sized developers choose to ali cloud. Cloud computing service cost mainly infrastructure costs and service personnel. Ali cloud data center in overseas construction, but the core service team in China, such as after sales and r&d team, so they would help save costs. Ali large electrical business also can bring the scale effect.

overseas giant mainly for developers to provide computing resources (IaaS) or technical interface ( PaaS ), ali cloud is also a step forward: integration of massive amounts of the third party cloud service for enterprises. 2014 8 month ali cloud “cloud plan , to integrate in the next three years, 3 m cloud service manufacturers. Waves, soft software giant, has joined the China ali cloud. Ali is not just a cloud of cloud computing platform, are gradually formed the enterprise cloud services, enterprise software ecosystem, it is another competitive ability. China and India is the world’s two largest offshore software, enterprise software services have a certain strength, ali cloud integration of these services, more competitive in the international.

electrical business internationalization, ali cloud internationalization, and ali is becoming a Amazon , Microsoft as the internationalization of enterprises, the Chinese Internet companies are thinking of going out, ali’s speed is fast. Ali cloud is

become another ship it out to sea. Can walk how far, if you can in the Amazon desktop-and away dominated by giants such as Microsoft, market, will soon have the answer.