Ali pictures 830 million yuan purchasing a guangdong branch software, layout of cinema ticket market

alibaba pictures group (HK: 01060) announced that in guangdong guangdong branch 830 million yuan cash successful bidding software engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as guangdong software). Guangdong software, who in the south united property rights trading center for sale 100% stake.

guangdong guangdong software co., LTD. Is a focus for the ticket and the film industry to provide the overall solution of Internet companies, is currently the domestic large cinema ticket system providers, one of its core businesses include cinema ticket sales management, chain management, electronic ticketing platform, mobile ticketing applications, as well as the third party (electric business platform) set up the access platform and platform products such as automatic screening system.

as of current, guangdong branch software for domestic mainstream of electricity to more than 30 third party cinemas provided interfaces.

pictures, ali group, says “guangdong software and ali pictures in capital level fusion, will make direct docking of the ali group’s existing level user groups, expanding customer base of the to stable electricity business users, with consumption ability to create electricity and film more cooperation space, bring theaters rich source of income other than the box office, on the basis of large data using the Internet means wide open platform for the industry to provide effective service”.

in the past few years, the Chinese film at the box office in high speed growth, and rapid growth in online options market compound growth rate of 198% (2010-2010). Industry experts estimate that 2015 online options market sales of up to 19 billion yuan, 100% domestic large chain cinema will open online seat selection function. With mobile payment more convenient, online options will become the important ways of the ticket sales.

and the guangdong branch software is an emerging industry chain platform of the underlying application, one of its core products and services to the openness of genes and ali pictures are geared to the needs of the industry output ability between the depth of the combination of the Internet is both a common foundation of capital cooperation.

ali pictures CEO zhang qiang said, “we will respect industry law and order, open to the industry we have Internet capabilities, so as to make pictures, ali industry open service platform, through the business model and the introduction of Internet technology, continue to promote the integration of market resources and new technology application, improve production efficiency of industry and market space. Guangdong branch software open capacity will is the important support ali platform positioning film industry “.

this is the second large ali pictures recent capital transactions. Previously, ali pictures published announcement, said it had received its holdings, the parent company alibaba group, an asset injection Suggestions, namely the taobao treasure the ticket business and entertainment platform into pictures, ali. The call is regarding the related details.