Ali literature 2015 mobile reading as breakthrough With the copyright cooperation

on May 26, hunting cloud network news

on May 26, ali literature at a 2015 strategy conference, announced in mobile reading as the breakthrough point, layout of the network literature market; Released at the same time in view of the author and copyright cooperation policy, build open strategy of copyright, and partner to share the copyright.

the arrival of the mobile Internet to PC to be the leader of the age of the Internet any advantages are no longer obvious, so network literature. Figures show that China’s mobile phone reading 490 million active users, the network novel accounted for 60% of all reading category, mobile phone network literature utilization rate of 44.4%.

however, literary editor in chief citymatch ali said until today in development of mobile reading, also has its own defects. Literary reading after the transition from the PC era to the era of mobile, is facing a closed environment. On the plus side, enhances the user to read the viscosity under a product; From the bad side, also promoted the threshold of the user transfer, make strong the content of the product under monopoly as a possibility.

the citymatch thinks, “era of mobile reading, open the copyright cooperation, fully trust your partner and make excellent works in different flowing between positioning platform, and make reading areas outside players can participate in the building process of IP, obviously has greater significance.”

with the rise of mobile reading, the article Matthew effect more serious, in the great spirit level at the top of the pyramid in the majority with old faces, the author more underlying the author’s income is very low, is also difficult to have the opportunity to promotion to the well-known authors. In addition, in recent years for film, games, adaptation of the work, generally in the majority with a few years ago old works, has few new good works.

citymatch, said ali literature will personalize the operation according to the authors and works, and to consider in the future to try to edit the centralized operation. Ali literature with ali big data support, according to the style characteristics of big data analytics, directly pushed to similar preferences of users. Even in the future to give readers more options for customization to read independently. This can increase the different types of effective exposure, the author works out the network literature growing estimation problem and simplification.

for a strong platform used absolute control over the author all copyright problems, ali literature introduced a copyright cooperation policy, give the author and copyright cooperation business with the biggest respect and benefit, is willing to work in the publishing, anime adaptation, adaptation, film and television adaptation of the game copyright all profits to partners.

citymatch said: “the literature ali signed copyright to electronic copyright only commonly, not to seize control of other copyright works. Such as the author on a voluntary basis, and ali literary author pay satisfaction of price, we won’t sign commissioned with the author, copyright transfer, binding personal about inequality, such as long contracts.”

in addition, on the IP network literature derived channel, ali literature is rich in resources. On the film and television adaptation support, ali literature with ali pictures, light media, huayi brothers and other companies to reach a depth cooperation, game resources include domestic’s second largest mobile phone games combined transport platform nine swimming, etc.

citymatch stressed that ali literature is willing to hand in hand outside the original site of alibaba group, publishing group strength, animation, film and television companies, game development companies, etc., together toward the literary IP copyright derivatives and cash to the diversified development direction.

for the majority of people questioned ali success can be copied to the problems in the field of literature, citymatch also said there is no need to completely copy the successful experience of electricity. “Literature has its own rules and logic, we only need to explore new pattern in the resources platform, no need too much and electrical contractor intertwined.”

in the meeting, ali literature also with sina tower of reading, reading literature and the Yangtze river has signed for the media, a deep strategic cooperation, will be in weibo since the interactive communication, new media platform works the author signed a joint development, relying on large data custom publishing works, and film and television and games IP derivative substantive cooperation in many aspects.