Ali launched “shop”, national entrepreneurship need maxed friends again

14, ali’s strategic tools “tao shop” is launched. Each shop can be generated for the first time a six-figure shops qr code to the number and name card, and can through multiple social platforms such as weibo, WeChat promotion. The launch of the shop is on the phone on taobao an APP in the APP, can be realized by mobile phone taobao sellers also sign up to loading, delivery and store management, etc.

now, the shop can startup part has already put on their phones, ali’s tao shop more accelerated the entrepreneurship. But for the flood of micro letter “shop”, “new store” let friends indirect malicious contamination. Micro letter had friends marketing behavior is forbidden. Alibaba merchants business unit senior product specialist qinfen said that in the future there will be a large number of merchants into micro letter circle of friends, but “public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation” is the trend, don’t worry too much about the future will be blocked, and users will remember 6 digits number to shop.

for if merchants sell fakes, the launch of the “shop” is a control on the product quality. Related personnel said: “shop” is a simplified operation threshold, but not to reduce the barriers to entry, although sellers can directly through mobile terminal finish goods shelves, trading, but still to abide by the rules of platform, promised to return guarantee of authenticity, and seven days without reason, monitoring and blocking a fake gm in taobao rules “.

from taobao, according to data from 8.5 million merchants ali platform, on March 23rd start closed beta so far, already has more than 2 million sellers registered mobile phone shop, taobao sellers and new users are rapidly set up shop in the mobile phone on taobao. Next, Tmall sellers shop open access will get through.


shop relevant controller introduces, the future will also built-in alipay small micro credit platform taobao loan “, the solution of quick sellers to master a set of funds.