Ali investment meizu in addition to build ecological, also because of a common enemy

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after past rumors, meizu alibaba Kitty finally sat. This morning, meizu announced a $650 million, alibaba group, in which to invest $590 million, the rest of the $60 million investment for haitong kai yuan fund. The urgent need of financial support and rapid development of meizu is concerned, it’s really a harvest big red before the Spring Festival, although the deal may has finalized, earlier announced at this time for meizu employees is a major psychological comfort.

with many major investment transactions posted rhythm is slightly different, until the afternoon, ali and meizu top over trade media communication, will be hunting cloud network are also invited to participate in the interview. Meizu has inherited the conference of high-level consistent way, by the President Bai Yong auspicious, vice President of misia appearance; Ali has neither chairman jack ma nor CEO Mr. Lu, but the CTO jian wang. Is known to all, jian wang ever present situation is given priority to with ali cloud or related technical meeting, at this time as an investor, it revealed the ali and meizu in terms of technology and products will also have a remarkable cooperation.

after the deal, ali will be in electricity, Internet, mobile Internet services, smart phones, system, data analysis and pay for meizu provides resources and support; Meizu will in the smartphone system of promotion, in view of the hardware and the user on the interaction and visual customization, market strategy, offline sales channels to provide support and assistance to ali, thus extending the mobile Internet advantages of alibaba.

as two mutually yue, there will be demand, ali and meizu phased investment transactions are combined with company strategic considerations. For meizu, step by step backward in the competition with millet, money demand has become a major factor restricting the development of the company, it is also an important foothold last year after jack took the initiative to change; Good at ali platform layout is its promoting ecological strategy in integrating into the software and hardware of mobile phase.

in Tmall, taobao and alipay client App achieve a DaTiLiang, and cloud computing and big data after preliminary established the technical architecture, alibaba’s wireless strategy since the second half of 2014 from pushing mobile electricity App to deeper “wireless open ecological transformation.

ali wanted to construction of the mobile Internet ecosystem is how? This would be a big data and cloud computing to support, to YunOS operating systems across multiple screens, open ali ability and large users, the basis of electricity App cover mobile phone, the sitting room, intelligent dressed, and even the whole scene of the car terminal.

at present, the mobile phone is still the most important entrance product, including zhou also led 360 mobile hardware with cool set up joint venture company. from this perspective, alibaba investment meizu is the layout of the “bridgehead”, on the one hand, not only to YunOS and electricity App services extend to more meizu phone users; On the other hand, the service will also extend to more terminal. Revealed two meanings here, on the one hand, the meizu may not only do mobile phones, is likely to be involved in other intelligent terminals; Second, alibaba will also invest in other terminal manufacturers, and enrich the coverage of products and services.

in the communication meeting, jian wang has been to use “we invest not mobile phones, but phones ecology” to describe the expression of The Times. Bai Yongxiang meizu with Li Nanze representatives meet the demand of the user experience of the mobile phone to do depth. The statement appears to be empty. Ali mobile strategy, according to the current layout, the two sides eventually created will be “intelligent terminal (mobile phone) + Flyme (YunOS underlying) + cloud services + big data” of the system.

to see this, naturally think of the millet? With lei jun previously claimed that “hardware + beautiful MIUI + service” triathlon strategies are similar.

now millet in just four years has become an important pole, the Chinese Internet, mobile phone distribution for preliminary occupied the intelligent terminal heights, an intelligent ecological investment round in a large number of intelligent hardware manufacturer, in addition, the dominant kingsoft pressure cloud services, gradually into the life services, more importantly, is the strategic shift to a more promising market space and field of Internet of things, and begin to integrate ecological chain.

these results could have meizu trailing behind. In 2014, for example, mobile phone sales more than 61 million units, is meizu was 5 million 12 times as many, despite the change after the meizu was trying to chase, and beginning to show a good growth momentum, but there are still more distant distance with millet.

for alibaba, the main body of the electric business conflict with millet is not big, but this is not a surprise with the future competition. This is mainly manifested in three aspects: one is the millet self-built website sales platform, is second only to ali jingdong in sales ranked third largest domestic electric business platform; 2 it is life and service in the future, millet and ali has layout, competition will be increased; Third, Internet financial, ali obvious advantages, millet is currently only in lego box manner; Four is the most important aspects of the Internet of things.

ali mobile ecological explanation, in accordance with the above things also belong to the category of the strategic layout. In fact, from the early early last year, alibaba has invested in dongguan iot operations center, and strategic cooperation to build the Internet of things of beauty and open platform, joint investment youku video content layout skyworth smart TV.

in contrast, millet said strategic investment layout smart home of beauty, a shareholder iQIYI layout, film and television content, more important, says millet by independent building and several measures and investment has introduced a router, television, hand ring, air purifier, and other products.

we can find that, ali and millet direct competition in many fields in succession, at this time, a number of ways and the selection of hardware manufacturers alliance is also reasonable.

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