Ali investment after yuantong, tencent invested in huitong the world

the day before yesterday, ali joint yunfeng capital investment yuantong announcement just fell and logistics Internet company huitong the world today and then announced investment agreement with tencent, complete C round of financing, but did not disclose the amount of financing. Again, the early investors tripod vc with the financing deal.

huitong the world founded by ZhaiXue soul more than 10 years ago, had accepted IDG investment with tencent. Tencent later become an Internet empire, and he after experienced all sorts of twists and turns, and finally achieve. Now tencent’s investment, the relationship between the two companies close again.

according to introduction, huitong the world owns freight Internet platform of the G7, more is to use technical means to improve the efficiency of the information in the trucking and problem, that can help the logistics team connected vehicles, drivers, the owner, all the key elements such as highway, refueling, and can let the small and medium-sized micro and freight cargo fleets from the delivery on time, safe driving, their benefit of good behavior, such as the fuel emissions and modification methods of production logistics industry and the ecological environment.

huitong the world customers include China railway express, China post, and gravels, JiaJi, TCL, Mr Fukuda, ChengHui, heng road, shentong, etc., there are also many small and medium-sized special line, truck drivers.

according to people familiar with the matter, huitong the world this round of financing, on the one hand is to strengthen the company brand awareness, from the services for large enterprises to a broader range of extension, on the other hand, huitong the world doing based on logistics O2O Internet financial services.