Ali + grafting resource integration, nine swim platform into the era of 2.0

(word/qing nan)

in November last year announced after ali tour business into UC hand extended family, nine is formally to shoulder the burden of ali is game distribution, also began to set foot on a new journey.

today in nine swim 2015 annual strategy conference, vice President of UC Lin Yongsong announced that nine in 2015, the first to swim to the platform of 2.0, compared with the previous business, 2.0 nine swim not only absorbed the original ali tour business, hand on the attitude and more “open” service. In addition, the synergies with other lines of business ali began to emerge, ali cloud is announced at the scene for game developers to launch special support programs “” one hundred million yuan.

data show that in 2012 and 2013, nine swim to partner in 100 million and 300 million respectively. According to Lin Yongsong today live data, divided into more than 900 million yuan in 2014, which means that maintained the growth of more than 2 times per year on average. Although did not say in 2015 into the target, but there is plenty of reason to believe that with the aid of ali platform support nine 2.0 will achieve higher performance.

9 swim behind the strategic shift is the characteristic of domestic mobile game industry to new changes. is a game content is more and more diversified, many niche still has a lot of opportunities; 2 it is increasing the difficulty of the user, marketing preheating and fans will be more and more important; Three is to use channels increasingly need refinement operations, user needs for different platforms, and even different types of users on the same platform to match different operational strategies. as a result, nine swim suit the remedy to the case.

Lin Yongsong, according to the 9 swam 2.0 core is an open platform strategy ability, to make the CP from passive to active participation in cooperation, nine swimming will preheat evaluation data, marketing, operations, customer service and other operational resources and modular platform service, to make the game developers independent application, free. “we hope that the future CP can make their own decision by nine swim open platform products and operating rhythm, and provide all kinds of resources or services using nine swim independent module implementation.” Lin Yongsong pointed out that while giving CP more operational flexibility, nine swimming will put more effort on platform resources and platform to expand their operation skills.

9 swim so adjust confidence in addition to their own steady growth in business strategy, and the resource of ali platform. According to Lin Yongsong to hunt cloud network, said ali games and nine business integration has basically completed, the original ali mobile game business have been transferred to nine platform, the original game the team reverted to TV, ali on the direction of smart home, etc.

, 2.0 version of the nine tour resources across the upgrade. In addition to the UC browser, nine of them, the original nine swam App, nine community resources, distributed in games, nine swimming will also get ali’s $mobile entry support multiple users. now phone taobao and alipay wallet have launched nine entrance, the position is similar to the jingdong and public comments on WeChat promote entrance.

on for game developers to support policy, in addition to the continuation of last year’s “supernova plan”, also do the upgrade, such as joint ali cloud launch for game developers, special support programs “” one hundred million yuan, for developers to provide RMB 100 million worth of cloud services and related support services; To service upgrade free XinYou test, CP (game content providers) can submit test requirements in the developer the background and the self-service testing services;

personal studio, nine will also conduct its own platform advantages, help them solve company qualification declaration, plate number supporting services, etc., in order to solve small and medium-sized team on this issue. In addition, in the alibaba group’s new traffic, nine swim in 2015 will provide stand-alone game more traffic resources than ever before.