Ali give him bank opening approval, will not touch 20% high value customers

today, give him the bank won the zhejiang branch opening approval. Zhejiang branch has just announced that give him opening bank co., LTD., zhejiang approved approved its registered capital is 4 billion yuan.

announcement approved financial business scope is: the electronic retailing Banks absorb public deposits; Make loans; To handle the settlement at home and abroad; To handle the acceptance and discounting; The issuance of financial bonds; Agent distribution, cash, underwriting government bonds; Buying and selling of government bonds, financial bonds; Engaged in the interbank lending; Acting sale of trade, foreign exchange; Guarantee; B: agency receipt and payment funds and agency of insurance business; The other businesses approved by the banking regulatory authority under the state council.

give him bank President said YuSheng method, give him the bank is China’s first fully run on the bank on the “cloud”, more important is the core of the it system based on independent research and development of ali distributed architecture of cloud computing and financial OceanBase database development.

the advantage of financial cloud, maintain efficient at the same time, can greatly reduce operating costs. Commercial Banks on IT systems hardware and software procurement every year to spend hundreds of millions of money. Give him bank chief information officer Tang Gucai said cloud system, electronic retailing Banks can significantly reduce the system cost, and with the expanding of business, the cost advantage of financial cloud also will continue to increase.

in addition to running on the cloud, give him another bank core competencies is his ability to big data. Ants, small loans through large data and Internet technology to solve small micro enterprise financing difficulties has been carried out for five years, the practice of the enterprise and the industry only has such a mature experience. Said YuSheng method, based on large data of risk control ability is one of the core ability of electronic retailing bank. Ant future small business loan will also be gradual fusion and electronic retailing bank, to better serve small businesses and entrepreneurs of the masses.

give him bank, give him the bank will pure Internet way, not the physical presence, don’t do cash business, also won’t into traditional bank offline businesses such as checks, drafts, etc.

in the financial field, this principle is known. Traditional financial institutions to the large and medium-sized enterprises, high net worth population, have provided a more comprehensive financial services. However, for small micro enterprise customer service and scene, cover enough fully.

“never to touch the electronic retailing bank 20% of high-value customers.” YuSheng said, give him the bank’s position is very clear, is to do the beneficial supplement of the financial system, firmly “long tail” services to our clients, especially the small micro electronic retailing, individual entrepreneurs and ordinary consumers, especially the rural consumer groups. In loan business, for example, give him the bank very clearly won’t do the loans of 5 million yuan of above.