Ali cloud YunRuiYun push global vision, a small team can also make the movie

a year global technology giants move quickly into visual computing, through acquisition, merger, capital injection and internal research and development, into the fast-growing market for the long term.

Facebook with samsung SONY invest virtual reality visual terminal, Microsoft’s acquisition of GreenButton Google acquisition Zync, amazon purchase Twitch, autodesk acquisition effects and animation work platform which Software.

yesterday, ali cloud computing and cloud technology announced a strategic cooperation, jointly set up global visual cloud computing platform ─ ─ cloud rendering platform “Render cloud”. Platform can be thousands of times video rendering speed.

according to red cloud YunLiang luckily YaoJieShao science and technology, a picture of a film class, rendering may take a few hours or even a few hours. 24 frames a second, two hours of film, the amount of calculation is very surprising. Hd video content from 2 k to 4 k, 6 k trend is unstoppable, even computing power it needs to be exponentially.

rendering platform Render cloud video rendering speed can be thousands of times, the small team can achieve “Hollywood” special effects. A 2 hour movie, traditional rendering speed may need to half a year, Render cloud just less than a week, and 40% cost savings. Through the cloud self-service platform, movie team, in different countries can assist tool based on Internet, to make a movie together.

xiao-ming hu said President ali cloud, based on ali cloud over 100000 nuclear capacity, cloud rendering platform can in a short time, high precision and artistic aesthetic feeling. Small teams to make big movies possible.

ali pictures CEO zhang qiang, speaking at a site said that in recent years, Hollywood art film director, very frustrated, technical director, rapid rise, the most popular Chinese movies in terms of technology needs to make up a missed lesson. Ali, film and television publicity pictures, the future will be in IP mining, distribution and marketing, and other fields, large data innovation, can let the content production team and control gain greater commercial return.