Ali cloud former executives phpwind entrepreneurship first project: a solution Airtake photos takes mobile space

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photos of cloud storage problem probably is recognized as one of the most annoying problem. Providing related services on the market at present, such as Dropbox and Apple, but they provide free storage space is too little, it can be neglected; Flickr is also an option, but it is the slowest in the world’s busiest web site, you may not be able to connect. Google seems to also can, but damn the next Google + to use; Or Microsoft OneDrive, by contrast, more practical, it can have 15 gb of free storage! But really enough?

based on these considerations, alibaba’s former executives phpwind founded a new company, hope can find a better solution. Different is that the Chinese startups, target audience all over the world. They have developed a new application, called Airtake camera (love), not only can upload photos synchronization to the cloud, and in the mobile phone does not retain the original image, save memory greatly. At the beginning of each person can only get the upload 10 gb of free space, but each add a good friend, can be an additional 10 gb, most can obtain permanent 100 gb of free space.

Airtake team asked in an interview, said a phpwind in conjunction with the company’s founding people sit together, chatting, found their smartphones for save hundreds of photographs and video, memory, so the germination of the idea.

Airtake phpwind is new development of the first application startup, but definitely not his first adventure. As early as 2003, when he started playing for PHPWind social network coding (note: hunting cloud network king at that time he haven’t graduated from college), five years later acquired by e-commerce giant alibaba. He followed into the alibaba work, eventually become ali cloud (alibaba cloud computing service platform), CEO and general manager.

Airtake application is not only a picture, still can provide photo storage service – even you don’t have to in order to open this camera cloud storage service, because the application has an option (the default) closed automatically upload your pictures and video in your phone to the cloud, you just need to put them in the album class arranged in a row.

if for some reason, you don’t want to keep your mobile phone to capture all the lens, can also choose to upload with Airtake camera photos. The camera also comes with the special effects filters and editing function, can handle your photos beautiful.

I had a simple test, as a cloud storage server, Airtake was really nice. But as far as I’m concerned, I’m more used to temporarily stored in the photos up, then transferred to the notebook from my phone, and do online backup (not) in the up, therefore Airtake temptation is not big to me. The phone only 8 gb and 16 gb of memory may need it more, they will never again need to phone full of anxiety.

the startup says, since its inception, just two months Airtake users has reached 500000. In addition to go out, Airtake to “love the camera” name of efforts to develop the Chinese market.

Airtake can guarantee the safety of your photo? It’s hard to tell. From the point of view of the company, the cloud storage is a thankless thing, because it is hard to make money. In recent years, many applications are similar to courageously to lay down on the road – it is closed, or acquired by a larger company, obsolete cloud service also.

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