Ali cloud Chen Jinpei: will provide coupons for the game cloud customers value-added services

(/qing wen nan)

in nine swim 2015 strategy conference held today, ali cloud computing business general manager Chen Jinpei announced that it would provide “one hundred million yuan for game cloud customers support programs”, in addition, ali cloud will also open ali platform services, such as taxi coupons, Tmall coupons purpose is to provide more diversified services to clients.

since 2012 service game clients by 2014 officially launched the cloud, ali cloud customers over the past three years has accumulated a lot of games. In ali mobile game business incorporated into nine after operation, nine swim as ali is the most important distribution platform game, with the game makers and developers have big advantage of resources and cohesion, and it is also what ali cloud in the expansion of business value on the one hand.

so in conference, Chen Jinpei announced for nine swim platform game developers to provide RMB 100 million worth of cloud services and related support services, support funds amount since 6000 yuan, up to 1 million yuan, used to buy any ali cloud products. At present, ali cloud has established the exclusive game industry team, from pre-sales consulting, technical testing, on-line escort, 60 seconds in the operation of the service response, big data services such as a set of programs.

Chen Jinpei revealed that ali cloud not only open the ability of big data, at the same time will open tie ali in other business, such as taxi coupons, day cat coupons, hotel and other closely related to the game client credit preferential service package. “Today, not only to play games, also can go to the hotel, the credit can go on a trip, such resources open up, to make the game client when playing games can better enjoy life.”

ali cloud behind support such an action is alibaba on O2O layout, is not only an online shopping, the giants are still in the overall development of the clothing, food and living with lines, etc, ali cloud geared to the needs of customers with preferential value-added services is a business and marketing channels.