Ali auto start “CheHai tao”, you can also online parallel imports

ali automobile group announced the launch day cat “CheHai tao” business, with the offline via the parallel imports of the exhibition centers recognized by the relevant government departments and enterprises cooperation, guarantee quality of parallel imports, and jointly create parallel imports O2O after-sales service industry standards, to solve the car trouble back at home.

at the beginning of April, ali established car division, the purpose is to the owner as the center, large data integration ali group marketing, auto financing business and the owner of the platform edge, each partner collaborative car ecological industry chain, through the wireless business scenario, provide to the owner “look, choose and buy, use and sell” the full link auto electric O2O one-stop service. The Times online “CheHai tao” is an important step in the business.

free trade zone in Shanghai waigaoqiao automotive markets become Tmall CheHai parallel imports for the first strategic partners, and the fastest will by the end of the month in Tmall official flagship store. The two sides will open online flagship store as an opportunity to subsequent integration across open network service capacity owner to parallel imports.

parallel imports much of price between 200000 ~ 1 million in high-grade car, using the data from the big ali can accurately find potential consumers, ali car platform also need offline services support. Both sides O2O combination, also can use Internet + thinking, to better promote the consumer shopping experience.

it is understood that the consumer can be in the day the cat official flagship store online to buy parallel imports, pick up the car line in Shanghai or shenzhen. Subsequent can also be in Shanghai waigaoqiao car to the nearest market authorization pick up the car dealership, and enjoy the national 3 packets of after-sales service, etc.

information display, at present a total of nearly 50 mainstream car companies to cooperate with ali car. Car at the same time, ali has integrated nearly 1 m 4 s shops, nearly 2 m vehicles, such as after-sales service network resources, all kinds of cooperation covers new cars, used cars, localization services, automotive products such as electricity each link. In the future, the day the cat CheHai tao will also by custom, for domestic customers with private custom version of overseas imported cars.

in addition to the Shanghai waigaoqiao car trading market cooperation, Tmall CheHai tao also constantly expanding business, after the pilot 17 enterprises in Shanghai free trade zone, the existing four to open stores selling Tmall parallel imports, shop sales region covering 77 cities such as guangzhou, hangzhou north.

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