AirAsia X former CEO wants to forge a southeast Asia iFlix Netflix

hunting cloud network reported on May 16th

note: in Netflix intensive overseas expansion and recent plans into Asia, southeast Asia also have such a similar rivals – iFlix, are adopting the tactics of the localization of Netflix into competition, and by using Netflix haven’t layout southeast Asia market space layout in advance, the site last month also won a $30 million investment.

the development momentum of streaming media service provider iFlix recently is preparing, publicize their issuance prior to that, company won the science and technology in south east Asia’s largest investment company Catcha investment Group. Company also announced in the near future in the management team, a former CEO of Malaysia airline AirAsia X, and also in Indonesia’s fastest growing telecom operators XL Axiata served as commissioner of az, Ottoman (Azran Osman – Rani), as a COO iFlix group, and served as CEO iFlix Malaysia.

iFlix can provide network television services, like Netflix is partly attributable to Catcha Group of venture capitalists Patrick Grove (Patrick Grove). IFlix is to think of the United States and other markets, international and local Asian markets on the TV and movie content without limit of provide for the use of southeast Asian nations. If you want to realize this idea, you have to start from Malaysia and the Philippines.

“after leaving the Asian airlines, I saw at least 100 different types of people.” Az, hausmann said in an interview, “I dealt with a lot of people, have experienced a lot of things, also began to do something about myself. But all of these, both are not as good as important: the first thing is to do something break the laws of nature, some new creative thing, the appearance of these things will not maintain the status quo, on the contrary it will shake the existing landscape. The second thing is to find a group of people I would like to stay with them together, stay with them let me feel happy.”

“for me, find a bunch of ingenuity, passionate about life, to find a special friend taught me a lot of things than the manufacturers, the company, industry, and more important position, the more attractive.

iFlix mainstream media service providers are ready to do?

as AirAsia X former CEO Alan az Ottoman, he is a very experienced administrative managers and entrepreneurs. In his tenure, AirAsia X become the leader of the Asian low-cost airlines. Before that, he led the Astro (Asia satellite TV and radio operators) started operations, Astro network of international investment in Asia will be through southeast Asia, India and greater China region, he the company’s radio program and portfolio management.

Patrick grove and Catcha Group to join the az, Mr Osborne has very important influence. He said in an interview: “these people have made outstanding achievements, they have abundant energy, the bold imagination. In addition, they have admirable identity of investors. For me, the most important is their ability to make good iFlix the team. Catcha iFlix Group is led by its Britt, chief executive of Mk, before he led the Australian Mi9 team, very experienced. IFlix team really has a lot of top, excellent talents, in my opinion, the team’s standard is quite high, which is one of the reasons why it was such a good team.”

as iFlix managers, az, osman wants it to southeast Asia online entertainment provide subverts the traditional feast. Now, improved infrastructure widely in southeast Asia, the prevalence rate of smartphones and tablet are also constantly improve, iFlix also arises at the historic moment.

Netflix iFlix and the United States are similar, Netflix, an online movie rental provider; IFlix services and services provided by the similar, the purpose of the service mode is to crack down on illegal downloads, they provide a quick and easy way of streaming media content, provide the service is impeccable, the key is the cost is not high also.

of course, we also have to follow some ordinary Internet users in south east Asia are clear, the network connection speed is depending on the country, that is to say, different countries different network connection speed. Some southeast Asian countries might have been able to enjoy iFlix services provided, while others may not yet (such as China). “This phenomenon is very interesting, you can enjoy iFlix early or services, or it’s very late, anyhow is not at a right time to enjoy it’s services. Actually, I don’t think a specific time is the right time.” Az, hausmann said in an interview.

“it infrastructure availability is becoming more and more high, if iFlix or continue to do that, it’s a bit at all. IFlix team is doing, however, one thing is to develop a new technology, the technology of adaptive bit rate ability is strong, it can read the user download at different speed, and the corresponding optimized transmission content.” He also said in the interview.

learn from low-cost airlines

az, Ottoman plans to AirAsia X iFlix adopted the “consumers leading operating strategy”.

“for me, this method is equivalent to ‘, by the people.” He explained, “this kind of service is the core idea of offering services to customers want. I don’t think any of the new company on the market must want to have this kind of consciousness, and constantly strive to achieve it. We want to let the customer know our products, and let them go for our products. At this point, our approach is to provide the correct consumption content for the Asian customers, these services are not only suited to their tastes and preferences, and service content is still in constantly update every day.”

“we will do our best to do, we need to accurate analysis of the current trends, to master the latest and the most reliable data analysis, the customer related, useful information for customer service to them. If we want to win battles in the industry, we must to the customer right, consumers leading services.”

az, osman says this is his leaving AirAsia X take away one of the most valuable thing, he are ready to make the dry, to establish a flexible team. “On the first day of the start, you will never know exactly what it’s like to be you produced products, what will implement into your strategy.” He said in an interview. In addition to the consumer leading operating strategy, and to learn to listen to the user. He said: “as I work in Air Asia X, we always stick to in the first line, and the use of the users of our service face to face communication, it is very important, I have always considered this a lot more useful than what the market research and customer intimacy is the most effective way to improve service, win customers.”

in 2015, iFlix prepared to launch the service in the countries of southeast Asia. Is now further discuss the several rounds of new financing, and the content of the different forms of related transactions. Az, Ottoman think iFlix is likely in the field, and leading position in the business environment of south-east Asia, he is so excited.

he said in an interview: “if the founder of financial resources and ability is not enough, the complex and changeable market in southeast Asia there is a huge challenge. From the perspective of infrastructure, each market there is a big difference. So, need talent, ability. But we have to roll up sleeves, contribute to construction of southeast Asia, southeast Asia to create world-class enterprises and brands.”