Air puyuan: in the clothing industry segment to find the next “find stencil”

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puyuan is a what place, sweater, the hometown of China’s biggest woolen sweater trading hub.

air puyuan is a product, want to use Internet + to change a small team of woolen sweater industry chain.

“we in puyuan can better, last year with the team was desperate” “ready to go to hangzhou market, got a rebuff. Puyuan is not very far away from hangzhou, but we still feather food. Sums up at night, we found a problem, said a bit bigger is “Internet + add up,” said is a little bit small businesses do not recognise us, do not produce a trust. we thought with tall, on the Internet for free thinking can open up new markets, but in the end, found that the traditional economy is the Internet penetration, like touch plate with steel needle, scrawled no, we have to find the cracks .”

this is air puyuan Zhang Chengchao in his office told cloud network hunting last year with his team of hangzhou failure. In what way do finally solved? “We realized that the basic cause of the merchants is don’t trust us, free of unexpectedly is distrust, most began to wonder, finally to a clear understanding, because traditional industry is no wool out in pigs, free” means that the trap, fishy . Finally, we change the name, put on for ten staff from hangzhou volunteer league volunteers, and wore a little red riding hood. Volunteers stood in the way, is a public welfare nature, merchants trust has slowly, volunteers even still, there are merchants active come over to ask. That we have a large collection of business information. Merchants was pleased with the volunteer services.”

Zhang Chengchao with a small team founded by air puyuan want to use the Internet is a technique to reform traditional puyuan sweater industry chain cluster. Puyuan tongxiang city belongs to, had to “sunrise ten thousand silk horse” to become “major golden harvest a town”. Since China’s reform and opening up, for wool knitting industry development “of the country’s biggest woolen sweater hub”, “the Chinese famous town of the sweater”, “the first city of China’s sweater”. Also belong to tongxiang wuzhen, the last year’s world conference on the Internet, the local government feel the charm of the Internet. but how can a traditional industrial cluster + a response to a call for the Internet. Government convenience can only is to encourage innovation, as for the feasible methods are no clue .

Zhang Chengchao tell hunting cloud network, air puyuan is the first Internet company in puyuan, we do the government is also support, now nearly 1000 ping is also the government provide free office space. This year, the international wool knitting clothing exposition also gave air puyuan great support, in the name of the air puyuan invited 1000 national merchants to come to visit.

a lot of people actually know Zhang Chengchao, last year’s world conference on the Internet. He represents puyuan gave ma a sweater. Since the media to “90 after startup guy Zhang Chengchao” challenge “, a letter to ma, woolen sweater “taobao, friends can’t see, do not check baidu” title, such as let Zhang Chengchao a small fire. The relatives and friends, puyuan who knew me, said “boy, you give ma w clothes.”

but one thing that most people can understand that the government needs to Internet +, air and puyuan sweater puyuan Zhang Chengchao industrial transformation and upgrading of small representative. Wuzhen open world conference on the Internet, which has to have results. So naturally, Zhang Chengchao borrowed the east wind. Likely excessive in 90 after the media, to compete with words such as description, most of people think Zhang Chengchao give a person a kind of government, opportunistic illusion. Do the opposite sofa Zhang Chengchao smiled and said he was wronged . “Not really kowtowing to the government of what, I want to say it’s because the government is too love me. I do really have a future, I are pragmatists, government play with me, help me free publicity, is too important for a start-up company.”

there is one more important reason, is because puyuan sweater industry chain distribution center, to a lot of customers to purchase, air puyuan draped the government give a person with an endorsement of trust, after more than traditional woolen sweater enterprises is 60, founded after 70, they have deep traditional entrepreneurial mindset, pragmatic and cautious. Net is hard to change their thinking, let them. But it easy now, because we can bring the appropriate buyers real docking. Companies also began to slowly accept our.

I am a very pragmatic manner, the goal is to do a business, not to mix a reputation. Or about the details, hope everyone to hear some . Zhang Chengchao tell hunting cloud network, to early puyuan sweater buyers is how to find my satisfaction of enterprise, the common practice is to look for and find, to find, the shortest one week, a few months the longest. Why, the core reason is information asymmetry, enterprises really hope more buyers to find them, but in spite of their strong demand, enterprises still cautious buyers and guard against .

this kind of phenomenon is how to. Has always been, puyuan sweater clothing sales are very dependent on its style, modelling and clipping. Good commodities is the key to attract clients and customers, but with the development of economy of puyuan sweater, peer competition, imitate each other also began to prevail. This makes the proprietor can’t easily show spent a lot of the latest achievements of research and development, and only in the case of fully trust, will take visitors into the chamber of secrets “. “want to see the new winter sweater this year, it is harder than ascend day, salesroom usually running the old model, the sale of discount is not up to the design of hanging in a store, these models are even the year before last year. The new purchaser ran to want to see in the distance, but it must be to familiar with the old customers in the salesroom, or someone to introduce.

although the market economy, money to barter, customer is god. But in puyuan, position of buyers and dealers seem to be reversed. Miles to buyers call can’t afford to injury, while watching the new beautiful clothes, up for grabs the dealers, business owners are wielding the big stick shouted “fines anti-theft anti-theft, hundreds of their peers from” slogans such as out of desperation. “Purchaser with money but can’t see the new sweater, dealers take goods were afraid to give the new flow to the market. The two seemingly contradictory but cannot separate each other each other. In companies, independent research and development of the new sweater, and I like to bet on moab, enterprise new showroom often decorate gorgeous but have many barriers. This not only leads to the block and slow released a new dress, also lead to the loss of a lot of new customers, because they find it hard to make the operator fully trust in a short time, and don’t be sized up each other with suspicion, the in the mind will not taste.

this is puyuan sweater and alienation between buyers and enterprise. Air which was established last year when MAO expo, Zhang Chengchao for this more than a year of development is not very satisfied, out of 5 points, this year has a lot of things to do. Now air puyuan geared to the needs of the enterprise and the purchaser to do some service, provide enterprises with new product release and provide resources for new products and more high-quality procurement, the purchaser can not time is not subject to regional restriction, anytime and anywhere through the network platform to get hold of puyuan sweater enterprises.

we need to do is put on the ground of the elite puyuan enterprises promote to more buyers, help them to solve trade demand and supply . Puyuan purchaser is given priority to with domestic at present, the platform is mainly aimed at domestic market, the future will provide purchaser docking one-stop service, now only in dealmaking. And the air current puyuan is not involved in the role of trade links, don’t take commissions, kickbacks, commission, completely free.

Zhang Chengchao has a larger goal, hope in the future home, open the computer, buyers can easily learn what puyuan is the business is making a special style of sweater; The click of a mouse, can finish a sweater.

air puyuan is through the Internet platform and derivative resource integration puyuan sweater industry, let the product release and procurement can be more efficient, to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry chain and the comprehensive business ability, hope is a sweater industry cloud solutions platform.

the air puyuan this year, the key is to strengthen the technical team reserves WeChat service now replaced the PC web site. After the financing in place will be involved in financial sweater industry chain link. Zhang Chengchao tell hunting cloud network, actually sweater dealmaking is just one part of the service of the market, also what is the Internet’s entrance. Puyuan dealmaking is completed, air will be involved in the transaction link, raw materials purchasing general factory mat endowment enterprise, a lot of pressure, for small and medium enterprises Zhang Chengchao hope through severe operating mode into raw materials industrial production mat endowment. this business model can be set up, the industry standard of the accused will also promote raw materials.

so the whole, at this stage of Zhang Chengchao ideal is hope carding industry chain upstream and downstream, to dealmaking service + enterprise + precipitation data transaction data and financial risk control to provide a sweater industry chain service cloud solutions.

very afraid this article become soft article , so just write down big Zhang Chengchao dreams are: air puyuan sweater industry chain just solution provider, the biggest ideal is full of apparel supply chain Zhang Chengchao trading cloud solution provider. But in hunting cloud network appears sweater industry chain will also need to eat a few years. type factory labor dense industry chain, after all, small and medium enterprises in transition, Internet + concept and a group of inflammatory advocates, local governments “achievement” the industrial chain of acceleration is also mixed. Jiangsu and zhejiang area small and medium-sized private entrepreneurs is faced with is the arrival of the 90 children takeover boom. China began to transform the traditional industry, Internet + may be just a teaser, you have to believe that small and medium-sized private enterprises in transition for a long time, struggle is only just beginning.