Aged with that T-shirt new products to enter the high-end said to “turn over a new leaf”

on April 1 in the afternoon, that released the spring and summer series T-shirt clothing product, category design plain t-shirts, printed t-shirts two kinds big. Target groups aimed at the pursuit of personality and quality of combination of fashionable young people.

as 8.28 conference last year, every guest CEO Chen is still a platform in person, to introduce the audience to T-shirt version from material selection, design of new products, printing technology and the birth of art design process. At the scene, aged also issued a “do a good job in a shirt, a T-shirt, a mundane duty, also is I, again turn over a new leaf”.

every guest found aksu long-staple cotton for their shirts, and this time, on the material, that the pima cotton T-shirt new chose the United States. Plain T-shirt chose the pima cotton (50); Printed t-shirts chose the 21 and 16.

on dyeing, that T-shirt is unique to Japan’s nearly yun to super technology, using unique injection agent before dyeing cotton fiber at the center of the air cavity expansion, can absorb more dyes and auxiliaries, make the material of the processed cotton colourful, make sure do not fade for a long time.

in terms of pricing, 2015 chun xia that plain t-shirts and printing T-shirt price is $89 and $59 respectively, and compared after 19, 29 yuan pricing strategy, where visitors began to abandon the low-end products, determined to go in high-end course.

old, said that in a T-shirt in the process of research and development, in the best length and shoulder breadth of the golden ratio, neckline seam lines and head, shoulder problems of Asian people, sleeve cage and the size of the sleeve width, waist effect, flat seam and line spacing, Fuku RESH knitting with nearly 10 aspects, such as the research and design.

in addition, on the design aspects, and from Japan, Germany, Italy, the United States and domestic reached cooperation, a total of dozens of artists.

in the conference, lei jun also personally platform, he said the Chinese society from scarce capacity to the excess capacity, there are a lot of things in life is very bad, didn’t know how hard it is to do a T sleeve, hope everyone support the process of this kind of guys do ordinary products well. He quipped, “my life is the most unlucky thing threw every guest, can only be worn after every guest products”.

“I am proud of old, believe in three to five years, every guest can return of the king”. Lei jun said at last.

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