After the success of the test the waters turned to domestic market: the United States, sold a local fresh organic ingredient of the App

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under the wave of O2O, various start-ups to pervasive penetrate into People’s Daily lives, sheet is grafted merchants and customers shopping platform are two of the same name App. Unlike a flagship domestic ordinary food App, hunting cloud network has focused on a App with the same name as the “market” main selling local fresh organic ingredients.

provide a trading platform for buyers and sellers of mobile App

“market” in June 2014 in the United States Austin, Texas, founder Jiang Liangjun is a master of zhejiang university undergraduate course, graduated from Dr Electronic engineering at the university of Florida in the United States in 2007, successively in startup mobile application development and large company as a senior engineer, team leader, was also a trade kind of electricity, the director of the company. Vegetable market is a provide organic food for the merchants and consumers buying and selling of electric business platform.

vegetable market user base part of merchants and consumers. Business is a supplier of organic ingredients, consumer users are concerned about their food safety.

consumers to food security problems become more and more seriously, consumption of organic food is no longer a concern in terms of economy, people most concern from where to buy organic food, how to ensure that oneself buy is organic food, organic food how to buy the price is reasonable.

why “market”?

1, the mobile first. The only mobile applications, there is no web site. Because it’s sold very accord with these seasonal ingredients such as vegetables product features. Merchants can be directly using a mobile phone photos, distribution, sale, shelves, such as process, timely management product list, communicate with buyers, update the product information, let buyers know around your product selling information.

2, based on the geographical position from the surrounding found fresh organic food. Because of food preservation and safety, and the consciousness of the people’s growing support the local economy, the market for the customer autofilter local ingredients (eggs, honey, baking, handicrafts, fruits, flowers, etc.). Users can invite even picking himself, or merchants can delivery, market application contains merchant’s contact details (email address, phone number, microblogging site and business address).

3, at the same time the United States and the development of the Chinese market.

4, complete e-commerce trading platform, including payment and collection, as well as the order status tracking, and even Apple Pay integration.

in addition to the above mentioned can be online sale, market selection and “organic farmers market in Beijing” and also “good Shanghai farmers market” as the first cooperation. Mainly because of the two market to select merchants have very strict standards and specifications, has a good reputation both at home and abroad, they are also very pay attention to your own brand. In domestic market belongs to the early stage, mainly by merchants to promote, the placed billboards around at the same time.

in the United States, vegetable markets have America’s 8100 dishes there market information, information nearly more than 6000 merchants. Especially local Austin city 22 organic bazaar and 350 merchants.

how to ensure consumers to buy the ingredient is organic food?

Jiang Liangjun told hunting cloud network: “at home, in the long run, vegetable markets and domestic certified merchants cooperation. In the United States, most of the market also has a select merchant standard, especially the verification certification authorities. Those merchants on class in a fixed market, trust relationship has been established.” It is understood that the market had been Facebook FbStart entrepreneurial projects selected, received $20000 in the credit financing of all kinds of services.

vegetable market in China is still at the preliminary stage, some problems still exist in such aspects as recognition, price, Jiang Liangjun tell hunting cloud network: “according to user feedback, the market is constantly optimized, provide users with more convenient.”

to profit, to hunt Jiang Liangjun cloud network, according to “in domestic market by charging a fee online trade, in the United States, the ‘wet markets’ main cooperate with vegetable market, unite by the market to the merchant promotion, charge a fixed monthly fee, plus the cost of online trade.” At present, Jiang Liangjun is also considering financing.