After the 95 serial entrepreneur zhang about cloud by “pocket part-time” credit first, then figure “campus consumption market


the world is your and our, but it is theirs. Said after 90 trance between old go to, the “part-time” pocket, the founder of the cloud of a debate is after 95, but has been can is a serial entrepreneur. On Saturday, the main to tell this could be called “child prodigy” entrepreneurial journey, and why his “part-time” pocket to financing.

the advantages and disadvantages of college students’ part-time

may be a discussion of cloud from beginning part-time business at the age of 13, let his profound experience sufficient and necessary conditions are naturally agree college students part-time. College students more spare time, as long as the appropriate arrangements for study time, part-time job does not conflict with their studies. A part-time job has nothing to do with the rich and the poor, and clothing single-handedly, more reflects the strong force, self-confidence, a sense of pride.

90 after the author has experienced the turmoil of the university part-time, it is extremely chaotic. Part-time information, exaggeration to say the entire school sent to part-time students are afraid of not enough use. But, black intermediary kickbacks is common even without pay, perhaps even encounter a pyramid scheme. Senior, find an acquaintance introduced and inefficient.

focus on college students’ part-time campus recruitment

pocket part-time from improve the matching rate, give full consideration to salary, location, working hours, working content, etc., play the advantages of the mobile Internet, based on the data analysis, to effectively improve the efficiency of recruitment, and not willing to do a recruitment information display platform. Specific for users to use the longer, the more can calculate users interested in post and compensation scope, the intelligent recommendation matching students interested in position. After the students complete a resume, it can resume a key to the enterprise. Enterprises need to feedback, after check the resume, in order to put an end to resume under the circumstances.

in the presence of fraud, according to a cloud network hunting, pocket part-time students certification and insurance, is coming out of a certified students once cheated, pocket part-time to compensation of 10 times the salary. At the same time, recruiters and labor department will also be punished with “shielding” and so on.

in addition, in order to increase the user viscosity and use frequency, duration, pocket a part-time job in the light of social development, also is about to open the student community, anonymous part-time students can concentrate here unleashing bad part-time experience, also is equivalent to give other students an “actual experience report”.

get university living the future

students groups because of its density, and accept new things more easily. University of living in the future, so that’s why the campus for a wide variety of hot delivery, express delivery, installment market. Is different from a campus Internet financial platform, when students over-indebted, “arrangement” part-time students to repay, part-time to the opposite tack, pocket change passive to active, after a certain time of the “part-time”, set up a belongs to own credit reporting system, building user portrait.

based on the above behavior, pocket part-time completely have the ability to build a “fun in installment,” or “stages”. Students came to pocket a part-time platform can directly in installment installment tourism, all kinds of digital products, driving in stages, don’t need cash. In the future through the form of a part-time job of part-time work in a pocket the money to pay off, overdraw the future labor force.

this may also be a pocket part-time smoothly, the deep-seated reasons for financing and the transition also have strong support from investors, the specific time may be at the end of this year or early next year. Part-time nature won’t be small but, at the same time, the pocket will develop north shenzhen market as soon as possible, and then gradually to second – and third-tier cities.

zhang about cloud entrepreneurship course

a discussion cloud started in junior high school, from playing the game he started studying programming at the age of 13, then write a Trojan program, use the “no kill Trojan” made the life first bucket of gold. About QiBaQian yuan monthly income, make him since 2008 have never asked home for living expenses, it is said that there are hundreds of thousands of. With the popularity of anti-virus software, he no longer do without killing the Trojan, but with a few friends together in high school made a online hacker training base, income also can reach more than ten thousand yuan per month, total income before and after millions.

after the college entrance examination, he focus on the task can be brought on a website the way of promoting a product, mass via QQ screenshots for commission income. Practice will be found, if really added to the QQ group to mass advertising, it is hard to add a, the second is the sniper was kicked out of advertising. So he developed a software named wei ke da 1 minute can generate 5 QQ screenshots, made a lot of money. Since then, he put the software in the online store to sell, while a person responsible for store operation of all too hard, and he used the concept of “crowdsourcing”, developed a four or five hundreds of agents, actually made it into the thousands.

and then began to pocket a part-time business last year, with a pocket a part-time job in a business competition, and won the first prize in the competition of the province.