After founded five companies, Kevin rose of the five best advice to entrepreneurs

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Kevin Rose five problems

Kevin Rose (Kevin Rose) is a North Technologies, co-founder, and Google’s risk investment institutions Google Ventures, a General Partner (General Partner), and is an American news aggregator Digg, innovative business incubator Milk, network television company Revision3, file sharing, and instant messaging tools Pownce founder. Now, Kevin rose sat down, and share his Google Ventures as founders and investors, one of the best lessons learned.

1, for first business, what is the most important?

“don’t be so conceited, grovelling, learn a lot from others, it must be the most important.”

the most important thing you have to do, is to admit is unknown, for advice modestly, taking a long time, fill yourself short. Kevin said: “want to make your company not epiphyllum, want to let it grow up, you can listen to me, just do it, let you and your company grow up together.” Almost all successful entrepreneurs side there is no shortage of big shots. Driving down, learn to derive information from another, it is really very important. Until today, I still according to this, my side has many experienced and reliable people, along the way, they all became my adviser, and even today, they still have a lot of things, is worth me to learn.”

2. What is the most common mistake entrepreneurs?

“You can’t get fat from eating a single mouthful,”


when you design a product, a new idea is always excites people played chicken blood, but will these new ideas easily snowball quickly piled up, make you lose focus and focus. As Kevin description: “from time to time someone will give you an idea, you will be kept in a flash, and the passage of time, suddenly one day you will find it one by one adorable light snow ball rolling into a monster. As a founder, you have to make choices. ‘how can I get a fix all these ideas? “The answer is:” you can’t get all at once. ‘” Kevin suggested pursuit, extract, integrating these light snow ball, finally choose up to three things you have to do things, and then conquer them with all my heart. Do you want to do is to do what you can do this a few crucial thing well, rather than always want a bite to eat a fat man, new features of what, again after a foothold up bit by bit is not late.

3, startup growth process, the most easy to overlook what key points?

“start-ups often ignore a bit, is how to make them die-hard fans of company brand preference.”

Digg company early, fans of the company is opened, the community has also been established. It now appears that this is the most sensible Digg team did. Through community, you can interact with the fans online zero distance, and build emotions fans, let them know how you appreciate them. Kevin warned: “they (fans) will be your most faithful at the core of the preacher, they will go out, to all the friends and relatives your amway products.”

4 , attention how to improve company ?

“don’t put the interpersonal relationship as a task, they should become the relatives and friends.”

today’s society, the birth of a new company every day, want to get enough attention, just hire a public relations team has been far from enough. Kevin’s suggestion is that those important journalists and users, be sure to have a good meeting. Every now and then for some dialogue (propaganda emphasizes) is not a salesman, show them the demo (they all want to see some real things, and be able to get started to try out), before the product launch, give them opportunities to participate in the public beta (everyone wants to know some secrets). The most important thing is: “don’t put the interpersonal relationship as a task, like: ‘I have to take the back of the card, I have to contact with more people. ‘they should become the relatives and friends, tell yourself you are go out together, and then everything becomes natural, not perfunctory.”

5, in your series, and the let guests of the qualities you admire for any common?

“they have a big problem as a challenge, rather than a stumbling block.”

from capsules, tesla motors and Paypal founder Elon Musk, Elon Musk, the founder of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) to Twitter co-founder evan Williams Williams (Ev), Kevin in his series on the Foundation, has been and countless legendary entrepreneurs have conversation. There is a common among them, let Kevin very admire, that is the attitude they see big problem. “A lot of big problem founder will panic, and conduct disorder, think this problem is too big, they cannot afford to. And the best, the founder of the take big problems as challenges, rather than a stumbling block. If they found a big problem, or is there anything need to overcome, this thing will be their motivation, they move forward.”


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