After “departure, becoming a monk” storm xiao-qiang hou, bring a comeback after a “poison pill”

note: hunting cloud listed missed opportunities, internal latent crisis broke out in succession, shanda literature on xiao-qiang hou route has experienced starting point wave, departure and becoming a monk. Now, he is back again, opens the new history, product is a “poison pill App”, this is a discovery tool, the critique and share movies and books. Why his business in this field, and how the thinking process of? Let’s listen to his monologue.

author: xiao-qiang hou

in December 2013, when I bring a suit injuries, left for nearly six years of shanda literature, I thought I could away from the river’s lake, to live a life of ease. I think I can travel the world, volunteering, sleeping in a foreign land bookstore, make certain the sun shine on me. Valley of the wind, the snow after the stars, sea fishing, and strangers. My hands are empty, in the dream for the horse, the night is over, the warm wind is blowing.

dedicated knee to 90

I turn off the phone, mixed with various bookstore. Often a bubble a day. I realized that there are so many talented people in China, they were surging, and I should not stay out.

I prone on sina weibo on hot search words every day, for I take care all the more, strange name whether jia-jia zhang, call beast Yi Xiaoxing, fellow uncle wang nima, write a square dance Zhu Xuan, writing Peng Jiamu mummy disappearances of gold than to hide, I send messages to these people, phone calls, please convey my friends for their respect and love. If deserve to go up a heart girl, I am full of fans, but I not first-line star idol, not a literary giant, but after 90, secondary yuan, cartoonists, jokes, entrepreneurs… See a every day, a year saw hundred people.

46 hours continuous work, at four o ‘clock in the morning the technical team successfully submitted to apple version

once, office for a young man, I open the door for him, and before and after running for his drink, and be photographed with him. An old friend witnessed this scene, silent, only left to succumb to say to me, “you are now doing so badly?” .

this year, I cut off contact and almost all of my old friends. Probably, in the eyes of friends, I also went to destruction. This one year experience of human changes in temperature, more than half had heard that story.

take millions of annual salary, or from 0 to 1

I received the invitation of some industries, and invited me to join their business, someone to offer thousands of year. I know to go back to river’s lake, still have friends back, can continue to scenery, can live a decent life. But I already know, that’s not what I want life. I don’t like to be the master of life. My natural disposition is gentle, but I know, in my heart, there lived a love, very paranoid.

choose the person thought of life, may be uncomfortable very hard, will encounter numerous difficulties, will make many mistakes, fail, and may accomplish nothing. But so what? I never doubted that if not fly, then run; If you run up, walk; If go up, then climb. Whatever you do, you must to go forward, must pay far beyond the efforts of others.

I really eager for success. Because of success, can take to his heart, to family, to the responsibility of the society, will have power, will be more with dignity. But, this time, I’m going to my own.

I’m going to do a conveniently for movies and books ratings and evaluation of the mobile Internet tools. I hope it can give a good book good film to write the word and write an epitaph for poor book movies; I hope everyone don’t be silent majority, can follow his intention, not influenced by others; I hope that it can eliminate water army, a man can only be evaluated once, only real-name authentication, each ticket has a history; I hope the talented person can have ample food and clothing, here become a truly independent reviews and critics.

in time, maybe it will be the Chinese independent evaluation of a Shared platform.

poison exceptional income list

I secretly like Portuguese poet fernando’s cable to write a speech: “it is necessary to have some poison, there are some very slight poison of the formulation of the soul”, this is my name for this product is the origin of the poison. I gathered from sina and shanda literature juvenal habyarimana, in an old villa in the suburbs of Beijing began my entrepreneurial career. This is not something in April 2014, so far, just a year.

in the poisoning ran all the way on the road, I put my own idea to print on a piece of A4 paper, title is added a big roughness of the word “poison”. Dream like ma met masayoshi son, meet a angel investors. Than ma luck would have it, just for the first time saw the “godfather of angels”, but “the godfather” more bad temper, he just sit quietly, requires that I use a word to introduce what I want to do.

he said I know you in sina and shanda literature has been a success, but you to 40 years old, you can’t and after 90 is in entrepreneurship can smoothly through the wooden bridge. He nearly tore my A4 paper, the reason is that I should make a PPT, plan to take me for a year, three plans are made clear. I guess he may need is a golden hill, rather than a man may find jinshan. Our tears, has since lost.

team of people around the clock to develop products. Work 20 hours a day, six days a week. We constantly idea, and constantly break the idea; Thought, we found a shortcut, and found that turned around and walked to the in situ. I and they together, do everything all the effort. Error, failure, frustration, conflict and confusion into all of the startup. Sometimes, a colleague to who to who wrong even fisticuffs. I looked at them calmly fight, my mind is in a high-speed operation, to be a good referee.

I took poison loaded with beta cell phone to go to the bookstore, on the PAGE on the tall ONE, close within 24 hours of the joint, the frequent activity of celebrity fashion gallery, I hide in a corner, the function of the test made analy-sis. Spluttered pa sound shooting drew alert staff, they said you how to play this age also candid, then expelled out rude to me. Come down in the ground to walk in the street, I really want to play up the ferule sing a song, say a sad or happy.

in the process of entrepreneurship, I always feel lonely and helpless. I see a lot of business books, but they would do. And you take the child, you see a lot of guidelines, also want to bear the pain alone.

struggling poison team

this age don’t lack of inspirational story, my new story also had the reversal of the mould, four funds sent a letter of intent, the whole process as tortuous and complex, not everyone think like a man among the three beauties, still choose the chest of the largest, we also do not hesitate to choose the susquehanna Asian venture capital funds, their boss called dragon in China, poison and duron is a match made in heaven. I became a legendary crazy boss, like high school students in hengshui second, chanting “crazy writing one hundred days, for the morning line”, the office lights, comrades overnight.

one thousand road at night, wake up to sell tofu, I’m not tofu to sell, so we have to go to brush a face, invite users to 1000 seeds. As long as have dinner I would have attended, naturally introverted I can always find the chance to speak during the interval. Cleared his throat, I go to the location of the most important, said today, I recommend you a very good app. I teach everyone to download, see not willing to download a friend or a stranger walked straight toward them. I also allergy to urge them to update the living force star to become film critics, the head make jokes, let the news broadcast host form the bad habit of not write a poison can’t sleep… Some friends say, thousand not afraid all not afraid, afraid of xiao-qiang hou call his phone, everyone said huang shiren, coming to the worth of millet. I guess I finally can play the role of the insurance company salesman.

every morning wake up the most intoxicated, is to see my 1000 free article and write how much the new content of migrant workers, they fit, hard-working to voluminous books and movies, writing with a wonderful comments. Physics department at Harvard University, Dr. Miao qian (poison ID @ miao qian) played eight for little time, the reason is that it redefined the films. News broadcast host comfort (poison ID @ shape childe) travelled with xi greatly don’t forget to a Turkish film; Shortlisted for the cannes short beauty left left (poison ID @ left left) a month for exceptional nearly 5000 yuan. Prominent angel investors wang (poison ID @ VC007) see “left ear” was in tears. I participate in their mood, like my life.

poison to the

now, the poison is coming.

this is a handy for your favorite movies and books of grade and evaluation tool.

there is China’s largest film library database. Have a perfect film and book sales figures released by the first time.

all people are welcome here. No matter you are literary youth, hope you are not a silent majority.

here welcome you capricious, extreme expression. There is negative, also hope you love generously with full marks of the certificates for you.

there are a lot of friends here, they will pay for your words. Love I you pay them.

here welcome poison tongue, plot, diagrams, the making and seeds.

here, we by the man of god, circle of friends, big data and groups, to help you meet with an unknown certificates, and reunion of years long certificates, encounters with like-minded people.

poison officially launched today, IOS, android and so on nine big market all can download. Now, I invite all my friends and strangers to download it. If possible, on your social media help spread. I’m poison you. My ID is the princes.

tonight, you come to my covenant. And I, is to a nonexistent date.

thank my poison of partners and my team. Thanks to Mr Hainer Asia outstanding investment team Linda @ lindazln poison (ID) and Lv Nan (poison ID @ second young master of medicine). Thanks for always standing beside me, no matter at any time give me trust and support of family, friends and teachers.

thank you also understand and support me in the film and television of the partnership – li-li sun (poison ID @ lily), Dong Jun @ Dong Jun poison (ID), Chen Youfang @ Chen Youfang poison (ID). They gave the tolerance, understanding, and bear. That is another story of my life. The story I will share with you later.

thanks to 90 after the millennium interactive marketing team, I’ve been racking my brains to write the title: don’t old. They would need a far less in the final with a prick silk. A day of hard there is everyone’s laughter in the office.