After being malicious software pre-installed scandals, lenovo’s official website was hacked

note: hunting cloud was exposed during the period of the Spring Festival Superfish malware to lenovo into a scandal, and complaints from a large number of users, today, the hackers also began to complain, they put the target on the lenovo’s official website. The following for tencent technology report:

lenovo Superfish scandal, continues in fermentation. According to foreign media reports, the United States eastern time on Wednesday afternoon early Thursday (Beijing time), lenovo’s official website was hacked, site was paralyzed. It is unclear what hackers identity.

Beijing time about half past seven in the morning on Thursday, tencent technology to access the lenovo’s official website (USA), found that has returned to normal.

according to the science and technology news website TheVerge, eastern time on Wednesday at four o ‘clock in the afternoon, visit the lenovo’s official website users find sites are black, and more than cover page shows pictures of angry young people, according to the American movie “high school Musical” (HighSchool himself) in the song melody of “the BreakingFree” show over and over again.

at about 4 o ‘clock 17 points, site returned to normal, web HTML code sometimes appear problem, the other can still hear the song.

about 30 points, 5 in the afternoon, the lenovo’s official website back to normal.

it is reported that the site was black, the web page HTML code in the following words: “a new version of website, introducing RyanKing and Andrew Godfrey.”

it is understood that the above both belong to the well-known Internet hacker group members of the “lizard team” (LizardSquad). But are still unable to confirm the attacks on lenovo group is from the two men, or other hackers attempt to “plant”.

foreign media analysis, the website is black, may be happened recently and lenovo computers pre-loaded with malware. Previously, lenovo’s new personal computer was found by a malicious ads software pre-installed Superfish, the software can bypass the computer encryption system, steal user privacy data confidential.

event was reported, lenovo group released the tools to remove malware. But in America, there are consumers and lawyers for lenovo launched lawsuits, accusing it of malicious software pre-installed, violates the property rights of users.

according to the American media analysis, the hackers could hijack the domain name record, lenovo group to website domain name to the hacker control of other web sites.

in other words, this is a time for lenovo external supply of IT infrastructure, hackers has not scored to lenovo’s internal network. Before the attack, and hacker groups “Syrian electronic army” 2013 attacks on New York times website and Twitter.

the American media commented that the website was black, and will be a lenovo “embarrassment” event.