After aggressive jack ma, the office of 95 college students start to “enclosure movement”, make idle goods online trading platform

May 14 (word/xiao-ning zhou)

“arrives at that time pay treasure building to see jack ma, I hope he can come to zhejiang university to do a speech, I think he will give a lot of people power. Even if he has not come now, but the power of the original dream has been supporting the team go today, and I will keep this kind of passion of life.” Say this sentence, not the industry, not the Internet elite, is one is reading sophomore, zhejiang university, his name is placed, is the founder and CEO in zhejiang cloud, at present, the company products “cloud lattice shop” hope to build zhejiang university idle goods online trading platform.

“enclosure movement” for regional dominance

the countless doing idle goods online trading platform, bigger platform including market network, 58 city, do more features such as carefree fishing net, two goods, second-hand street, etc. But these second-hand trading market is not perfect, first of all, the current online merchants second-hand market itself is good and evil people mixed up, cognizance standard opaque, information asymmetry, thing, many consumers also looks at the “city” buy, crying; Secondly the platform for the huge potential consumer market in colleges and universities development is just the tip of the iceberg, the graduation season every year university flea market unusually hot, but did not develop the platform. Placed told hunting cloud network: “burgeoning online flea market in university, and we do the enclosure movement in colleges and universities in hangzhou, zhejiang province, is currently the only for”

cloud lattice shop is cloud products in zhejiang, is a zhejiang university online idle goods trading platform, based on a fixed circle of personal idle items exchange social platform. And of trading, solve the headache of idle items, carry forward the “hard work and plain living the life style of”; Find friends and their own kind of people do, rather than for the center with interest to face as the center of social behavior.

“don’t do tuyere of the pig, made the wind to do butterfly”

the cloud lattice shop has released version 2.0, through personalized services and make the concept of “public interest” platform already has a certain volume and activity, when it comes to team and company, placed tell hunting cloud network: “life is to have a passion, don’t we do the tuyere of the pig, made the wind to do butterfly.”

cloud lattice shop to complete a complete trading system platform construction, the positioning of the service groups are mainly undergraduates, idle goods trading information platform is mainly used to release. First by technical means and various universities’ educational administration network connection formation, guarantee information authenticity of student registration system, the most effective avoiding users “; Then complete registration user, idle product information can be released through the graphic form, similar to taobao sellers shop business, after checking by the background can be released in the platform; After interested users to find the goods like can directly get in touch with the seller, after finished shopping, interface is similar to taobao shopping; Finally the after-sales service, cloud lattice shop is responsible for communication and coordination. For the product development direction, placed, said in the future payment interface will be done direct access to the pay treasure payment transaction closed loop.

while trading, in addition to the normal cloud lattice shop’s most distinctive should be a combination of product with the story, set up of college students and campus culture sharing platform of the story. Cloud lattice shop trading system in each college above you will find some interesting information, such as “library seat: 2 yuan” “XXX help line: 2 yuan”, of course there are some lovely expression, after the first watch won’t feel this is a kind of commodity, but an interesting social platform; Secondly, after the complete these interesting deal, a lot of people will be released at the forum story related to this product, you will feel is a campus BBS community. Placed tell hunting cloud network: “in fact 2 yuan is very small, but we want to build is the culture behind the 2 yuan community, let us college students there won’t be in a frenzy of mandatory advertising platform of feeling!”

“idealistic practitioners”

the cloud lattice shop team number has 36 people, of which 80% are from college students, such a young team, hope to do a group of practitioners of idealism.

cloud lattice shop to flea markets and various colleges and universities to establish contact with offline activities, and directly promote products, cloud lattice shop team gives the product zhejiang university spirit of “seeking truth from facts”, placed, said the team not to make money, including now also didn’t want to go to profit, many of them are freshmen was I pull, is actually an interest community, but the difference is that we have our own products, we need to get the product fresh vitality, let college students this group can be recognized, we recognized cloud lattice shop, recognize our philosophy – “all for one, one for all”.

it is worth mentioning that on November 30, 2013, alibaba CTO visiting Dr Jian wang zhejiang university, I smell zhejiang cloud related exploits, including the CEO placed arrives pays treasure building only for Mr. Ma to zhejiang university speech, expressed vigorously support, set a “covenant” 3000 – cluster number more than 3000, will ensure that Mr Ma in zhejiang university. , at present this goal has been close to, placed tell hunting cloud network: “no matter how the final result, the goal is not only to us in order to make Ma Yunlai zhejiang university lecture, more young people should go to pursue those more great things, but the great thing is you know it is not likely to be successful, but you are still trying to do.”

lattice shop online in less than three months, the clouds will run into A “bole”, is the Shanghai pine and fund an investor, received the angel rounds of 1 million investment, the cloud lattice shop is planning A round of funding, placed also expressed the hope that more and more people pay close attention to and support their cause.