After 90 start-ups “cool”, combined with hard and soft wheel let your fashion style and fashion

(text/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: after 90 business there are always countless novel idea, the idea came from every corner of life. “Cool” team’s business idea is from a successful experience in the younger sister, they use their own “cool” to attract the eye of the girls, also opened their own entrepreneurship.

in the summer of 2013, founder of the “cool” project Zhou Longpeng and his friends are still in chengdu university of electronic science and technology of a group of skilled, they outsourced work, in sorching summer every night to debug the machine, the algorithm. After a long practical accumulation, they set out to study their own products.

“in the beginning we will do some rotation clock to like of girl, later we found to apply the principle of rotating clock on the bike, will produce more cool effect,” cool “also arises at the historic moment.” “Cool” is composed of two LED lights arm, a cross-shaped installed above the flower drum of the bicycle, when riding, article LED lights in the process of the rotation of the wheels will presents a circular picture, show color animation and pattern.

“dazzle” team at the same time in order to improve the user experience, it unveiled its first interconnection products, hardware and software to make leds more intelligent. Users to install “dazzle” hardware and form a complete set of APP, can phone operation, DIY design that oneself like, via bluetooth design immediately displayed on the “cool” image. At the same time the “dazzle” APP can help the user to record cycling data, make the wheels instead of the clock.

“dazzle” co-founder wen-hao li tell hunting cloud network, when riding at 8 km/h speed, the human eye could see clearly shown on the wheel pattern; When riding up to 50 km/h speed, can use the camera shutter to capture the dynamic design. Light-emitting LED fashion design not only can let the user car more fashion, when riding at night can also insure the safety of the user.

“cool” in September, 2014 test machine research and development success, founding team after several twists and turns can solve the problem of charging and fixed. October by easy day make finished 6.6 million angel rounds of financing, and the eagle fund team to improve the hardware and software upgrades, launched in January 2015, finished products.

“we issued 500 sets of products to local market in chengdu test, echo is very good, there are nearly hundred manufacturers find we require agent.” Wen-hao li told us that their products are currently jingdong the raise, the price of 299 yuan per set is easy to be accepted for the market.

“dazzle” team think should firmly grasp the side B and C end, online and offline are important. At the same time they want to build a mobile advertising platform, merchants online advertising tasks, after riding friends or cycling team to complete the task can be part of the commission, to form a virtuous cycle of business model.

wen-hao li said, “cool” products now has more than ten patents, condensed the these after a group of 90 men toil and sweat. But it is well known that the market is cruel, after the product launch is likely to be in a short time were fake, hunting cloud network thought to improve their core competitiveness, improve the user experience, make brand effect is that a group of young people now need to strengthen and consolidate.