Adoption of new materials, white shirt, is not stained with besmirch $40, you buy it?

note: hunting cloud doesn’t everyone dreams of something with dirty white shirts, the emerging startups or can satisfy your desire, new material, can resist the coffee, and cream sauce. The following from sina science and technology content of the translation:

Beijing time on May 2, the morning news, an American clothing company Elizabeth& Clarke has produced a non-stick besmirch white shirt,.

white shirt is common in workplace clothing, but it is extremely easy to dirty dirty seats, drinks and food. The company claims that their products in order to prevent early in the morning on clothes “injured” awkward situation. Elizabeth& Clarke’s initial goal is to raise $30000, and now they have already received 4 times as much money. Obviously, the mass of the product is also full of expectation.

according to the company, they will provide a style of shirts and t-shirts. Working principle is to use nanotechnology to make hydrophobic and oleophobic superfine fiber, the fiber diameter is equivalent to one over one hundred thousand of a grain of sand. In official demo animation, you can see that this kind of clothes can resist coffee, and cream sauce.

at present, the Kickstarter site provide T-shirt price is $25, a price of us $40 shirt, the company is scheduled to begin in September shipment.