Activity: xiao-yang he share OneAPM why three times a year to finance

if you haven’t heard the APM, but you will pay attention to their App application performance. APM full application performance management, namely the application of performance management. If you’re a small team haven’t enough technical strength to app performance problems that may occur frequently, APM tool is your saviour, real-time effect, it can not only measure the app will also tell you the problems.

field of APM entrepreneurship as a branch of enterprise service of SaaS is very hot, both in abroad and domestic to attract capital market closely. Xiao-yang he led oneAPM team is rapid leap up is red star at home, in addition to products welcomed by domestic mobile developers, the company under capital chasing.

from 2013 OneAPM products, in January 2014, completed A round of funding, in September the same year won the partners China and became capital joint investment of RMB 70 million B round, in March 2015, OneAPM has complete C round of financing, the financing amount is formally announced on May 6, 165 million yuan . Why he can lead the company a year three financing, hunting cloud network entrepreneurial public class 23 issue of reveal to you.

guests introduced:

xiao-yang he, OneAPM founder, Beijing blue ocean XunTong technology co., LTD., chairman of . Based software for 11 years before the Performance Tuning, formerly famous Java middleware software company BEA System (later acquired by Oracle), have further development of domestic software based on practice and research, in the field of APM (application Performance management) have high visibility. Founded in 2008 by bon XunTong (OneAPM), now the field of application of performance management in China occupy a certain market advantages, laid the industry status of the application of performance management. (the man like to read, and to open “xiao-yang he reading notes” often share industry and substance)

host: hunting cloud network co-host: solo business club

this guests: OneAPM founder and chairman xiao-yang he

this topic: OneAPM why three times a year to finance?


May 16th (Saturday)

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