Activity: open table li qiang share restaurant O2O platform entrepreneurial opportunities

the era of mobile Internet, entrepreneurs are looking for a traditional industry combined with Internet business opportunities, such as travel, Internet + Internet + + food logistics, and Internet; Nowadays, Internet + products is also very is also the capital, have large finance news, such as restaurant O2O products table recently revealed that completed A round of nearly 200 million RMB financing, is day figure capital investment.

cloud network entrepreneurial public hunting textbooks with the tenet of dry share, in the 22 entrepreneurship courses we invited to the table, vice President li qiang, for entrepreneurs to share in the era of mobile Internet, restaurant O2O platform entrepreneurial opportunities.

a table is a local business mobile payment O2O platform, launched in May 2014, mainly for white-collar lunch market provide restaurant recommendations and favorable service. By the high frequency of food subsidies as the breakthrough point, is a local business mobile location-based services pay O2O platform, two home products for restaurant recommendations based on LBS and “food subsidies” function, random favorable social properties have lunch, because its APP tonal fun, a user called “food subsidies artifact”. At present, the open table has covered Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen three major cities, the merchants of several hundred thousand.

table is Beijing’s first time information technology co., LTD., its products. First time was established in 2005, is one of the earliest local merchants O2O practitioners in China, in 2006 pushed out general prepaid card is given priority to with fitness – “cool card”, is an enterprise of prepaid payment services provide local life.

a guest is introduced: li qiang, first President of the first senior vice President. In 2006, joined the jas cool headed by (later renamed), started in the field of O2O nine years of entrepreneurial history. From providing users with more venues and general, flexible top-up gym memberships, cool tore open the local life O2O market, personal consumption patterns and innovative variety of third-party payment of license issued by the people’s bank of China. In 2014, li began to internal business, lead the team to create “a table”, focusing on white-collar lunch to the shop. On the one hand, a member of the management platform for small and medium-sized catering businesses provide innovation, on the other hand, to provide users with fun lunch consumer preferences.

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this guest: open table vice President li qiang

this topic: restaurant O2O platform for mobile Internet era entrepreneurial opportunities

time: April 25th (Saturday)

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