Activity: IDG Wang Xin chat startup financing matters needing attention

hunting cloud network host is given priority to with investors to share the theme of the series will enjoy private investors say, this period will be held in hunting cloud network Beijing station, the event invitation to IDG capital Wang Xin, matters needing attention for entrepreneurs to share the financing. Of special note is the event is not made public, only a startup company vice President level more personnel to attend.



Wang Xin , mainly focus on the Internet, mobile Internet investment. Before joining IDG capital, he successively in the open materials and CDH venture capital. Wang Xin have a masters in management of tsinghua university academy of management and a bachelor’s degree in zhejiang university college of information engineering.

IDG (by American international group), founded in 1964, headquartered in Boston, USA. Information technology is the world’s largest publishing, research, development and risk investment company. Its investment enterprises including the appropriate letter, 8848, sohu, kingdee, yabao, celestial pole, dangdang, soufun, ebay, the business network, 3721, tencent, four maritime boat and so on more than 80 projects.

host: hunting cloud network

this guests: IDG capital Wang Xin

this topic: venture financing note


June 7 (Sunday)

location: in dongcheng district of Beijing chaoyang galactic SOHO building south gate street 6 floor, room 50618, sino-us entrepreneurship center dajie (subway station G)

limit number: 50 people (completely free)


friendship activities row bum the Internet Internet salon has Internet participant guide m joy, micro chain

platform support: the house is business development research center

activity agenda:

13:30-14 point sign in
14 points – 15 speaker
15-16 point audience questions, answer guest
16 points – 16 PM free exchange

completely free, this activity USES the registration system, refused to airborne .

preferred registration way: in the following form to fill out the registration information, thank you ( note: don’t print the ticket, receive registration message on OK ) or send the registration information to 15686045193