Activities: share with xiang dong.he founder who learn entrepreneurship 6 big trap

online education field scale is growing at a speed of more than 30% a year, the annual growth rate of more than offline education 14 times, to the size of the market will be more than 160 billion yuan in 2015, the next few years will see a big market. In this case, the online education entrepreneurs emerge.

but there is always a disconnect between ideal and reality, online education entrepreneurial path was not all plain sailing, for hunting cloud network no entrepreneurship courses, we invited to the former chief executive of the new Oriental, xiang dong.he, founder and who learn to share business six big trap.

a guest is introduced:

xiang dong.he since 1999 to enter the new Oriental, experienced all the way from ordinary President assistant, wuhan, teachers, principals, vice President of the group chief executive position change, has become China’s largest education group’s number two. In early 2014, Chen decided to give up being a salary of resignation business, was founded in June O2O find teacher learning services platform – and who learn.

in less than A year of time, the company’s valuation has risen to $250 million, at the end of march this year, the company announced A $50 million round of funding, composed of ficus altissima capital, qi fu institutions such as the joint investment of capital. Current platform registrations of 70000 teachers, the millions of number of students, and who learn has more than 300 cities across the country, and in Beijing, wuhan, chengdu and other 35 cities set up branches and agents.

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this guests: and who learn the founder, chairman and CEO xiang dong.he

this topic: xiang dong.he share business 6 big trap

time: April 19 (Sunday)

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