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cloud network hunting note: “Internet + car” topic has become one of the biggest tuyere in April; Plus BAT have made an adjustment on car and deployment, according to want to do a solo penguins dear friend period around the “Internet + car” offline activities demand, this Sunday (April 26) after their penguins shenzhen day solo penguin Beijing day beginning!

innovation works meet their club penguin, special vehicles entrepreneurship higher-ups Lai Xiaoling, Lin Mingjun, lucky big, highland, money into, Song Le such as around the “Internet + car”, to share a car after market never underestimated billions of dollars in the market, and help entrepreneurs to buy cars, car ownership, used car and driving recording instrument has needs friends advice.

innovation works is the most professional mobile Internet field early investment institutions, by Dr Lee was founded in September 2009, aims to help young Chinese entrepreneurial success. Innovation works on the Internet has a mature and original investment experience, automobile industry investment by car “51” and “everyday use” valuations have billion dollars, and after the car market investment layout already covered more than automobile industrial chain link, including “minicars”, “bo Pai car ownership”, “for a league”, “buy a car”, “hippo transfer” as well as the investment project, etc.

to reveal some benefits, to participate in activities such as cars, car ownership and the purchase of vehicle traveling data recorder friends, higher-ups have favourable activity:)

heavyweight share guest is in no particular order: (the following sort)

Lai Xiaoling innovation works partner

guest profile: tsinghua university undergraduate course graduation in 99, started the mobile Internet business, has experienced two generation of CSD, GPRS mobile Internet; In 2007 into the investment field, the third generation of mobile Internet, cars, and the traditional industry reconstruction in technology-driven made a lot of investment, intelligent hardware, etc. Investment projects, including millet, rain, easy to transport, beautiful, 51 transfer car, bo Pai, buy a car, hippo, small fish at home, etc.

share topics: “Internet + car” : entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurial opportunity

Lin Mingjun CEO overseas online shopping car, SUV founder

guest profile: fudan university EMBA. A former car reviews, tencent sankei center director, general manager of net. And channel in HeXunWang, SOHU, TOM.COM as editor in chief and senior manager position, responsible for channel covers, science and technology, automobile, real estate finance channel, games, etc. Former tencent sankei center director, is responsible for managing the tencent technology, digital, auto channel, games, etc. Long-term focus on the development of private enterprises.

share topics: Internet + car: online shopping car era

lucky big bo Pai subsidy founder & amp; CEO

guest profile: vehicle makers experience, 12 years experience in product planning, market research, sales management and so on work; Defined nearly 20 all-new models, listed 10, 2013 founded on October 1, bo Pai car ownership, has now developed into the nation’s largest door-to-door maintenance brand, compared 15 cities across the country.

share topics: Internet + car: car usage scenario

highland cattle Shared founder & amp; CEO

guests introduced: master of aesthetics of nankai university, studied at bimba, Internet industry more than 10 years engaged in auto media, triangle in the car, the Internet and media have a wealth of experience. As 21st century business herald reported a senior reporter, tencent’s deputy editor, phoenix net car, vehicles dispatch network CEO center director. Cow has Shared A wheel won A $5 million investment.

share topics: Internet + car: entrepreneurship across the “pit” (tentative)

money into for a car group founder & amp; CEO

guests introduced: undergraduate course graduated from tsinghua university, has 12 years experience in Ericsson telecoms industry, business, returning to China in 2003 to open a restaurant, mobile Internet, navigation, founded in 2005, a “zero cost from 0 to one hundred million users” miracle. 2014 in intelligent hardware, building the Goluk global support the live webcast of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder. Has won millions of angel investment innovation works, as well as foxconn group Pre – A round of funding.

share topics: Internet + car: car networking point

Song Le

car sent cloud league founder technology

guests introduced: , a former tencent channel editor before cars, car sent cloud associated technology millions yuan angel investment; Renren, car asked net, mop content such as director of the car.

share topics: Internet + cars: the car first to get on the Internet besides

activity process:

host: solo club penguin

co-hosted: innovation works

co-host: hunting cloud network and overseas online shopping car, bo Pai overhead, cows, for a car, the car cloud coupon

time: 13:30-18:00 on April 26 (Sunday)

location: Beijing haidian district zhongguancun tripod 10th floor, block A good building zhongguancun (4 subway station port A)

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