Activities: hosting for half a year rock festival, will expand brand entertainment activities do open platform

(/xiao-miao li wen)

recently, one-stop platform activities in Beijing 798 Live Tank held the first “activity Rock This Game Rock games” experiential conference, the conference to “Internet + music + movement” as the theme. Line the festival activities invited second-hand roses, Hao Yun, mo west poem ten group of musicians to guests attending, interesting is the way all musicians are games opening ceremony, activities on the music performed per capita.

Luo Ziwen founder, John sie other activities and other Internet sources are present, activities Luo Ziwen line independent ticket issued activities, community groups, and iBeacon three new features. Luo Ziwen in hunting cloud network said in an interview, the event will there be a national tour line rock festival, about a half, is expected to be held until October. The event is active line artists with a third party company cooperation, as long as it is artist cooperation in human resources. Luo Ziwen says the campaign will officially to entertainment activities of brand extension, line activities will also be performing arts company to a third party development platform.

line is a collection of activities to sign up, operation, marketing, management, sales platform one-stop platform, can hold various activities for the individual, enterprise or organization (including free or paid), the host can add page content, process, design activity, independent online collection, establish a station in the activity, collect the application form, etc., can also for small show/game ticket, or BBS for some meeting activities using qr code sign in and so on.

this activity at the same time line has released new features “independent ticketing system,” independent “ticket” to the organizers or individuals provide 7 * 24 hours of uninterrupted independent online ticketing management services. The realization of the “ticket”, any a creative individual can launch event information through this system. Compared to the management activities and electronic ticketing online a net system cause the activities of the industry, “independent ticketing system is more like a” lead the activities of the net.

activity line from Taiwan, is affiliated with Beijing apotheker creative information technology co., LTD. Taiwan company called activities, are to do the Internet activities of publishing and management platform. Different is their independent operation, the same is a subsidiary is nature. In 2010, activity management and ticketing platform via “active” web site launched in Taiwan, line activities launched in June 2012, was set up on the Internet at the beginning of the class activities as the breakthrough point, focus on activities, management and ticket booking, in October 2013, the line of increased search activity function, thus is available to all users in activities to find your are interested and want to participate in the activities.

activity in March, 2012 lines of Taiwan parent company Accuvally received qualcomm, investment millions of dollars to A round of DCM and March 14 years and received hundreds of millions of nt $B round of investment, softbank, saif, DCM, qualcomm to vote. (Accuvally Inc in September, 2009 to complete the company registration in Taiwan, founded jointly by Luo Ziwen and John sie.)

Luo Ziwen tell cloud network hunting line development up to now, every day through review published tens of activities, from the point of operational data, the current Internet activities are most, the main focus will be on the expansion of the activity category and product optimization, the activities of the second-tier cities development is also good, line activities will further expand the second-tier cities.

interview talked about platform and vertical, Luo Ziwen said to do activities whether vertical or platform, is the hardest part about offline activities of the integration of resources, because of the moving platform is done at the beginning, must be a platform for activities, on the other hand, involves a combination of persons, things, things that should be activities platform must provide users with better resources of offline, completes the back-end services, increase user stickiness.

activity actually line is also starting from the vertical cut, beginning the activity lines belong to the vertical + platform, on the one hand, activities for the organizers to provide one-stop service, provide the back-end services, and support the user to find activities, dig on each category of services; On the other hand line is to more category activities platform evolution, lateral extension activities platform service, finally Luo Ziwen said future activities guild do completely open platform, such as allowing third-party offline resources into the platform. (By the way: Luo Ziwen hope, hope that the future of the activity lines can be a ali.)