Activities: entrepreneurial teams how to quickly layout mobile Internet

APICloud is the first domestic “cloud” of the mobile application providers of cloud services. APICloud by “cloud API” and “API” two parts , can help developers to quickly implement a mobile application development, testing, publish, management and operation of the whole life cycle management. Simplify the mobile application development technology, make the mobile application development cycle is shortened from one month to 7 days. developers to quickly build and deploy your own mobile App, can even do a simple drag and drop, combined they create App, meanwhile APIcloud one-stop solution, such as message push, real-time statistical analysis, social integration and other services, integrates from production and operation management. Two APIcloud support iOS and Android mobile platform, is committed to become China’s leading mobile vertical cloud service providers. APICloud launched in September 2014, in October 2014, APICloud A wheel on the school $5 million investment.

in February 2015, APICloud online Store “” module, through the” one-stop + a key integration “in the platform services enable developers implement APP development, management, testing and strengthening of various tasks, APICloud released the first batch of” Store “module covers the whole life cycle of APP development partners at various stages, such as IM cloud service cloud, push a push and aurora, etc. Another APICloud have seamless data connection from a cloud to the channel, the HTTPS protocol encryption, using TCP protocol implementation arrive immediately. Users have APICloud cooperation, see TV, China mobile, the reader, haier, CLP huaxing, China wins tiancheng, etc.

guest rebekah : APICloud mobile application of cloud services, founder and CEO , witnessed the Chinese mobile Internet from SP monternet portal to the whole process of the era of smartphones. Focusing on the domestic and foreign research in the field of mobile application development platform, system on Web App challenges with the development of Hybrid App. And with mobile cloud services has been applied successfully to the aurora borealis brought $5 million in A round of funding. APICloud redefined mobile application development, to help China’s millions of web developers into mobile APP experts.

cloud network hunting period entrepreneurial public class invited to 25 APICloud founder and CEO rebekah share entrepreneurial teams how to layout the mobile Internet quickly.

host: hunting cloud network

this guests: APICloud founder and CEO rebekah

this topic: entrepreneurial teams how fast mobile Internet layout


(Saturday) on May 30

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