Activist: find meeting + guests brokerage contract, meeting upgrade to version 3.0

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

on May 18, silicon valley’s top venture capital, the author of from 0 to 1, Peter teal patrol in the headquarters of the BBS, by a third party platform website called activist exclusive ticket, a lot of people because of the tour and met low-key “activists” — – pay a focus on business meeting integrated service platform, trying to organizers, guests and participants of the tripartite meeting industry 360 degree of quality services.

according to activists, head of liudong, since the second half of 2014 pages plus App online, through its own data made and human intervention, the method of activists has amassed a lot of pieces of data resources: activists released since launched a total of nearly 6000 meetings, the background to the total number of inventory meeting 15 field, a total of 60 service person-times of users. in the job of activist data is the core team member wang ping, worked in huawei big data solutions as project director, in the direction of data mining has a solid professional knowledge. Participants by activists according to the nature of the meeting, the meeting time and location choice, can quickly query to her business pay to attend the meeting and online registration. According to activist group, from 30 games/daily, activists now daily can synchronize key popularized 50 games meeting. Activist project director Liu Dongceng in mu tong mobile communications, suzhou pine crane tower restaurant, have relatively rich and life service experience in the field of business communication.

in particular, the activist opened “online seat selection” and “on site” features. imagine the scene when buying a movie poll – different participants choose a seat on activists online, you can see the meeting each reclined at the table, social attribute of the tag is own needs to choose favorite venue location, it is actually activists will be social and meeting with the combination of a try. About “on site” : that’s activist group for it can’t to the meeting user some “dry”, the content including meeting essence content and public opinion report and depth reports, etc.

“event industry has an asymmetric information market pain points, we at this stage is to solve the problem, but this kind of information/ service mode is easy to be copied, so the next activists will do different things, the brokerage model.” activist core team members hong-yu zhang convective cloud network said. He worked for the Taiwan panasonic hong-yu zhang from Taipei, organized and CAI qin and other large-scale performances, jay is also engaged in a law firm management related work.

the meeting broker, also can be called “guest brokerage contract”, it is a blend of western countries has played a very important role in the social life, “the bureau” the speech patterns: government agencies, academic community, enterprises through speech bureau invited guest lectures, to get the speaker in the familiar with professional knowledge, skills, and in the field of influence. “ activist will establish the cooperation with well-known Chinese speech bureau, next will be selected on a global scale, signed a number of potential guests (such as teachers in colleges and universities, Internet celebrity, grassroots people, etc.), to coaching conference organizers a more professional meeting .” Activist group convective cloud network explained, “in this way, the organizers to guests of the meetings of the brand, the pursuit of personal brand awareness as well as the participants hope to find a professional, the three can be better achieved by activists.”

activist development train of thought can be summarized as “meeting 3.0” – this is the interpretation of the team for the meeting industry. “Meeting 1.0 is closed, the organizers, setting up a object also has great limitations. Meeting 2.0 joined the elements of the Internet, through the network to strengthen the contact. Meeting 3.0 is the spirit of the mobile Internet, let the organizers and guests communication with participants interaction .” Hong-yu zhang convective cloud network said. According to understand, activist is now officially launched A round of funding plan, in the future will be driven by capital docking offline speed, consolidate the organizers relations and strengthening the Internet integration ability.