Action: pioneers of driving enthusiasts

(text/He Yuying)

road as a form of today’s hottest travel, belongs to a type of self-help tourism, is different from the traditional collective tuxedo tourism of a new kind of tourism. Road trip in a selection object, participation, program and experience the freedom, etc., provide tourists with retractile space. But for entry-level tourists, route, along the way scenery, accommodation, food and safety are the factors to consider, so making a tool like action APP became the pioneers of driving enthusiasts.

action is launched in May 2013, is composed of web and mobile client, the main customers to locate at the age of 25 and 45 road lovers with consumption ability. “Action is different from general travel web site, we want the user to take in the hand is a necessary road tools, rather than a simple strategy, more is not a ticket and hotel sales platform.” When it comes to their own product positioning, founder of action si-yu wang said.

action puts forward the concept of a “road”, si-yu wang thought to choose the road of passengers, each line is strange, not only is the ultimate attractions need is introduced, matters needing attention in the process of drive should also be passengers bringing a book. Therefore create action developed the function of the road book, making a lover in exploring the scenery in the process of using the function to drive process, experience, record the scenery along the way, supplies, etc, with other users to share in the action.

“road on the way there will be a lot of uncertainty, the user to select suitable for their own road book by client after imported into the mobile phone, using the navigation to the auxiliary, saves the cost of the user’s own exploration, also guarantee the safety of road.” Action co-founder XiaoYi phil to introduce hunt cloud network, road books in addition to guiding function on the route, time, and will push to the users of the scenery, the local cuisine, high evaluation of the hotel, the user simply through integration of action a APP can understand the way a lot of information.

si-yu wang told cloud network, hunting season action of users every day, about 500 people, the off-season about 300 people. As with many Internet start-ups, action is also used for flow rate was initially the profit pattern of commission, but because of a late start, the industry such as the way cattle travel sites such as occupy a large number of offline resources, action flow gains do not meet expectations. Therefore si-yu wang think action should gradually transforming to offline, grasp the tool at the same time introduce more books to attract customers.

the current action launched article 54 official book, the official way books are drawn through field survey and action route planner. “Every line we all personally ran across the road is not easy to be found in the landscape we will prompt the user, the official road books recommended by the hotel are also in our hotels more carefully screening out, to be able to let users have the best driving experience.” XiaoYi phil told cloud network, hunting action is currently planning offline organizing the activities of the road, a better interaction with users.

si-yu wang think domestic road lovers market is very large, with the improvement of living standards, many visitors not only confined to the domestic road routes, so foreign markets is one of the action is aimed at the market. “Users to drive abroad it would be more problems relative to domestic, then action tools performance advantage will be displayed. We are planning to launch drive foreign official book, do the user’s pioneers.”

in February 2014, angel investment action for 800000 yuan, now has to be merchants, such as ctrip’s support, the team have a financing plan.