About the future and trend of hard, raise shaw no emphasis on taobao, the “open”


on April 11, launched by too firebird, from hardware, media times, platform and institutions, investment circle more than 50 companies jointly organized the “China intelligent hardware innovation conference in egg and intelligent hardware challenges guinness solicitation” went smoothly.

cloud network hunting trip purpose is to find meaningful and the most innovative intelligent hardware, and to think about the future. So pay special attention to is: around “in the future and trend of the round table” BBS, the BBS round table TongWei bright led by buttonwood capital partners, include taobao the raise xiao without, witty cloud yellow burning, Xu Chen investment from the central academy of navy, the gobi, etc.

hardware products or startup success the most important thing is what?

wit cloud yellow burning: crossover creative, combined the advantages of different industries.

: taobao many raise shaw has no market segment seize the user, differentiated services to do, want to have an open mind.

gobi investment Xu Chen: explosion repeatedly do difficult, want to dig deeper into the market.

hunting cloud network have contacted the taobao the raise, the head of the shaw, detailed answer to what he said just now “open”.

taobao the raise no shaw: current trends, the most important thing is that every entrepreneur with an open mind to contact each platform, including the cloud service interface, channel sales, production, and hardware.

taobao can raise generation give what is the biggest help entrepreneurs:

for entrepreneurs, is ultimately to consumer products, taobao is the raise gave such a window into the ali, taobao the raise to help entrepreneurs to integrate the ali’s electricity resources, capital resources, sellers, user resources. In early April, ali intelligent life division established, including taobao, the raise, cloud day cat electric city, bargain, intelligence. So, intelligent hardware entrepreneurs into ali, taobao, the raise is the first entry, also is the quickest and most efficient of the entrance.

as the cloud network also mentioned about the intelligent hardware product “too much” similar problems, no introduction to shaw, taobao the raise will not interfere in principle products production and research and development, as long as have their own patents, in line with the corresponding standard, the subsequent market reaction, all by consumers to choose.

you can see, ali is laid for entrepreneurs, a complete industry chain in taobao, the product research and development, production stage raise will communicate and entrepreneurs, such as formal listed after the product can be steadily taobao, Tmall, to bargain, even in groups.

in view of the “future” this problem, the shaw without the future intelligent hardware things networking era, called 3.0 1.0 PC connected to the Internet era, mobile Internet age 2.0, 3.0 everything connected to the Internet. Everything connected to the Internet era, entrepreneurs in their different niche to create hardware, let their products online.

it was good with his back leaning against a big tree shade, relying on the original ecosystem, ali, as well as the existing intelligent industrial chain, taobao the raise will quicken the steps of intelligent hardware. Hunting cloud network at The same time, according to taobao, The raise joint creative home of “The one C cubic creative assembly” at The fourth session of suzhou expo, also announced The launch of “C + incubation program. Taobao said high character, raise head, “taobao the creatives to raise innovation incubation platform, hoping to help designers and creatives to achieve commercial value. By C + incubation program, the future will make “the raise project 100 grade 1 million.

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