About sports: based on the movement of LBS O2O vertical closed-loop social App to get through sports

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

urbanite often facing the fast rhythm of life, there is no time to exercise; Or people have the idea of friends can’t find the ball, the runners, it is difficult to want to insist on fitness – combined with the movement of the mobile Internet social product therefore should be formed. About movement is a movement from chengdu social App, which is based on LBS: online friends can see movement across the country; Think about the ball and run around the user can also issued a “voice” in his seat, found near the matching conditions of other users to exercise together; In addition, some sports team from time to time in the offline organize some activities, attract online users to attend.

about sports belonging to chengdu bird child technology, team is a group of young people love sports. Founder daddyfox is Beijing jiaotong university master degree, a former beauty completely buy mobile terminal project manager; UI yu cheng, head of the school, has created the campus social App dozen meters net; Team from renren, ali, qihoo 360 members.

the sports industry in China has huge potential, under the help of the Internet is gaining momentum. Based on the information per via network, the sports industry accounts for 3% of GDP in the United States, in China is only 0.5%; China’s GDP in 2014 reached $10 trillion, the sports industry from 100 billion to 300 billion of market value. Got 240 million this year, the tiger jump sports financing. Potential users: on the one hand, a second-tier cities in China every week and 30 million people participate in sports; Internet users are accustomed to, on the other hand, through the network to “about” – on the stick and QQ group about people activities, initiated on weibo about one topic.

market based on the above background, mainly about movement for sub-health white-collar gens to work, love sports and other social groups, to do a vertical closed-loop social sports O2O platform. “Our individual users high quality, strong stickiness, therefore the corresponding conversion rates are high, vertical social crowd is an irreversible trend. About cutting O2O movement from the user, the online guide line, target clearly ready B side.” About sports products founder daddyfox convective cloud network said.

about the business model, from sports sports team to electricity, information integrated service, coach platform, help the sports business promotion, etc to precision marketing. , according to some movement founder daddyfox products since launched in July last year, more than 70000 registered users, active a quantity of 5000. Last November, gained about sports association two million angel investment of the fund is now officially launched A round of funding.

vertical segmentation of sports social groups actually value offline sports experience, the author thinks that, about sport as an access of the online social platform to attract people to “about” right now, is only the first step to play. Want to persistently stick to the user, then further to excavate the inevitable and there are many, including providing the high quality service the movement of content, create a warm atmosphere and guide the individual about activists to community development, etc.