About money, create high-end financial products B2B platform of supply and demand

May 14th report (word/WenYuTong)

hunting cloud network (note: the latest hurun research institute report, China’s high net worth population (point to have personal assets in 6 million yuan of above personal) total number has reached 2.9 million, and will increase to 3.35 million over the next three years. The current domestic wealth management market overall size is about 30 trillion yuan, including high-end financial trust management scale is 14 trillion yuan, for example, assets under management is 3.74 trillion yuan, private equity fund management scale is 2.88 trillion yuan. The data shows that the Chinese high-end financial market there is a huge demand potential.

about goods net is one of the main financial products for domestic high-end financial services market supply and demand information release and matching platform, using financial product commission bidding mode, and by supplier free upload product guarantee platform has a relatively more complete product line.

about goods net users there are two major classes, respectively for suppliers and purchasers, suppliers to upload products, involved in the commission bids, purchaser appointment purchasing financial products. It’s worth noting that both supplier and purchaser may purchase products in the website to make an appointment, suppliers can also be a purchaser.

when it comes to the current domestic financial industry “sales oriented” financial management mode, and there is no real according to customer’s actual demand for the present situation of the rational allocation of the property. About its founder shi said: “most of the financial institutions in the face of high net worth clients diversified asset allocation requirements, is limited by the size of the company or business model cannot provide comprehensive, variety of products for them, and a financial adviser, a subsidiary of preferred sales will ask the agency underwriting or the distribution of wealth management products, in this case, there is no way to guarantee a financial adviser can comprehensively and objectively to recommend products to the customers. I said I was a business saboteurs, I want to break the financial management mode in domestic sales oriented.”

in this case, about money network product crowdsourcing way to ensure that the site has a relatively more complete product line, price bidding models of commission can ensure that client interests, can now call in customer shows that financial needs within 10 minutes after the highest commission rate of the market, and can according to customers’ condition such as asset allocation, risk tolerance recommended a relatively suitable financial products.

as for the site location is an entrance to high net worth clients purchasing high-end financial services products, hope that through the website of the domestic high net worth clients as well as hundreds of thousands of financial services division, into a truly independent financial adviser group. To tell hunting cloud network, after have some reserves of high net worth clients, needs to be done and there are many, such as intermediate the raise and the financial license application, etc. He thinks about its network to some extent, similar to where to network mode, the website of the intermediate links removed, in the best interest of the real goal is to return to the customer.

in the present financial market, similar to about wealth network operation mode very few. Relative must wealth, the port of financial underwriting the operation mode of the distribution, about goods net, the main operating mode for B2B broker intermediary products supplier free upload products, commission independent pricing, fully meet the demand of purchaser diversified configuration, break traditional procurement procedures in the financial market information asymmetry, safeguard the common interests of the supply and the purchaser.

about goods net since April 13, 2015, online, has about 500 suppliers, purchasers around 100, the total volume of 94 million. Trust in product number 105, information technology, 51 sunshine private 109 model. In the large number of competing goods through site survey analysis, about goods net conservative estimate of the total volume of 7 billion in 2015. About money later in the development of network will be established offline service center, set up the real asset allocation team to reach the most complete products, the optimal price, DIY custom function construction customers, for customers to choose the best match.

to tell hunting cloud network, your team is a bring together in combination with the grass-roots team, after 60 senior investors not only, also has after the 90 financial luminaries. And yourself as a has many years experience in the Banks, trust and insurance, has greater sensitivity for industry. COO Zhou Ke in tripartite financial company based on the working experience of more understand the Internet, and with some relatively sophisticated management methods, and know more about high net worth people the real market needs of customers.

it is understood that some goods net already complete the angel investment, has been formally launched A round of funding plan.