About gun “artifact”, “splash” about running is the next?

the nation’s largest sports social APP “splash” in January, hit “run around” brand, entirely towards social + movement after the big data platform, a lot of people are paying attention to, with tens of millions of users, the basis of sports social splash should be how to play?

strictly, social movement is based on the interest of “stranger to acquaintances dating”, play outside, such as mountain climbing movement rarely alone to do, is to invite colleagues, classmates and friends to play together, but how to find people with the same interests and hobbies, organized offline activities, which is the core of the sports population needs.

thud from solution based on the user just needs to start dating, recent activity:


about, recently is a hot word, splash now offline advertising all over the country is in the main social behavior. Now running at home being gradually expanded, but from the perspective of the actual operation of splash, sports social than “ran” so a single, under the do level user dimension, based on LBS and user interest tags, plump App implements about running, cycling, and mountain climbing, the next step will be about football, basketball, even about square dance! As more ways to accommodate splash App, splash will eventually become a “movement” platform.

question: how about? Splash provides a variety of ways and path.

1. The label of individuals and groups, convenient user location-based find similar hobbies;
2. Through the record in the process of dynamic movement found friends, for example:
A. “encounter” function;
B. hardware bluetooth dating, the use of wearable devices, immediately find friends;
C. business acquaintances dating club, has thousands of companies take root splash, acquaintance about running easier.

movement big data

thud as the first domestic wearable motion data service, comprehensive integration of various kinds of sports equipment data, covers the smart phones, bracelets, watches, running machine. Various service providers can be through the analysis of motion data, to provide users with a service-oriented products. And based on the movement of massive amounts of data, splash will introduce a personal trainer, to provide users’ personal exercise of a complete set of service?


thud “sports circle” is a place where users “show self”, numerous photos when running, cycling, mountain climbing is full of life breath, the user activity is also high. And “splash” is a splash in heavy social attempt, a variety of topics and personalized reply protean, released the enthusiasm of the user.

in 2015, is a critical period of the outbreak of the sports industry, splash by running hot start, through the social movement and platform data occupy hundreds of millions of users, become a comprehensive platform motion, serve the whole industry chain, this is a big business has imaginary space extremely. “Booty call” an App has been listed, the “splash” about running is accelerated. One thing, no doubt, in the weekly sports participation to as many as 500 million Chinese sports population, plump build billion level movement meets the social platform.

from the point of the industrial chain, based on sports and social sports data closely, the author bold prediction, plump O2O will soon enter the sports field, this will become plump cash means of core, how do you?