AA carpooling: based on the intelligent car pool travel platform on mobile

(text/Tan Ziling)

AA carpooling, just as its name implies, it is a carpool platform, using the Internet and mobile Internet technology, integration of resources, private cars carpool for virtual currency, such as establishing virtual securities accounts, to pay closed loop, for carpooling travel car owners to reduce the transport cost, at the same time provide high-quality low-cost travel choice for passengers.

AA carpool in September 2011, belongs to the Himalayan chongqing science and technology. Founder Shen Lichuan has eight national invention patents, responsible for the company’s strategic planning, operations management, and product research and development, jointly create man christoffel xin at the age of 20, who received the TV brand changhong TV area pin, now mainly responsible for the company’s marketing and business activities. At present, the number of team of more than 200 people.

Shen Lichuan hunting cloud network to that of AA carpooling long-term positioning is to protect the environment, save energy, alleviate traffic pressure, reasonable ratio of social traffic resources. At present, there are the APP and PC two products form. Through mobile terminal positioning, the system will automatically display near by the user. In the PC port, the user input the place of departure, departure time, and at site, the system will automatically match owner and provide carpool information. AA carpooling main business is divided into three categories, carpooling regularly (commuter car pool), plans to spell carpooling (holiday), temporary carpooling travel (temporary).

AA carpooling car owners and car pool sharing costs, are free to choose drivers and vehicles, alleviate the pressure of the subsidy for car owners, for passengers, solve traffic, road congestion. Car Shen Lichuan pointed out AA carpool “experience, the driver service experience, service experience, users only need to use time, can fall in love with him”.

hunting cloud network learned that the future will be according to the current national market of AA carpooling need layout in the domestic market, build 5 ~ 10 major cities, namely Beijing + Qingdao, Shanghai, hangzhou, guangzhou and shenzhen, chengdu, xian, wuhan and changsha, radiation in north China, east China, south China, west China and central China in five areas, at the same time, the development of 24 cities agent, covering all provinces.

at present, with 7.3 million members in AA carpooling, single order per month 1.07 million, turnover was about 60.23 million yuan a month, the new APP since February launch, from order is less than 1000 per month average orders over 150000 up to now.

Shen Lichuan told hunting cloud network, in September 2013, AA carpooling millions of angel investment, vc in July 2014. 2014 RMB. Now, AA carpooling has officially start the series B financing plan, demand in 40 million yuan or so.

note: the data provided by the founding team, hunting cloud network don’t do any form of endorsement.