A week financing hui: investment also has “pollen”, carpooling travel in vogue

hunting cloud network on April 13 (word/WeiWen)

compared with last week, this week a slight decline in investment, species nor last week. Hunting cloud network included the investment and financing of 38 events, acquisition, 3. Can say carpooling travel is gaining support from baidu every day for strategic investment 51 cars and car. Every car financing information included in the financing evening news tonight.


student services you zi yue 8 million Pre – A round of investment, led by the middle capital, capital and the blessed one meal. You zi yue’s ideal is hope the user can through the eyes of students to study in a true market, do the user’s private custom study circle.

K12 family education of primary and secondary schools O2O “tutor” gently won $15 million B round, led by sequoia capital, zhi and IDG capital and capital letter. After students published requirements, the system will send a push into the surrounding teacher, the teacher can rob alone, then can complete the online tutors link.


college students in installment shopping boring stage was nearly $one hundred million D round, kunlun D led $ten thousand and $62 million by the listed company, the blue ventures, and source capital, etc.

mobile financial company jiufu won $110 million in financing, of which 20 million were old stock, the rest are new shares, IDG, such as joint investment. Jiufu is an individual to provide Internet information platform, the micro financial services brands including micro credit (Weloan), micro finance (Welicai) and micro (Wecash) cash, bank of clouds, the wu is empty financial management, etc.

car traffic:

“express” rabbit millions RMB angel investors, venture capitalists to jiuhe vc Wang Xiao. “Express” rabbit is a send express and query the logistics information platform, the user after placing orders, express rabbit platform marki in 1 hour will charge door express bulk, and then unified sent to the logistics network. In terms of delivery, express rabbit crowdsourcing is socialization of logistics.

driving exam service easy driving test 3 million yuan of the second round of angel investment, financing led by a foreign institutions, the original founding team to vote. Easy driving test puts forward the concept of driving exam treasure dian, from subject to subject four integrated information to users, to provide more comprehensive driving test information.

51 domestic carpooling software company car round C in tens of millions of dollars, led by baidu, sequoia capital and other institutions joint investment, its investment in the exclusive financial adviser for this transaction. 51 cars in commuting time, provided by the owner to passengers one-on-one, point-to-point, standard price of car service, car owners and passengers can be roughly a lift.

Indian taxi service Ola for about $314 million in financing, by the Russian billionaire yuri milner’s Internet investment company DST Global led, Accel Partners, Tiger Global, Steadview Capital to vote. Ola claims to the Indian version of Uber, in addition to being able to call a taxi, can also hit the human tricycles and electric tricycle.


C2C platform that rent a house “love straight rent 5 million yuan” angel round, straight rent “love” is a rent to intermediary platform, real information released landlord, tenants can clinch a deal directly or to seek help platform housekeeper. Love straight to rent to tenants and landlords are free, the future will move through cleaning and other value-added services, financial services and advertising revenue gains.


home outfit brand beautiful home for $8 million for A round of investment, investors for rich east sea’s rich huasheng gen and mobile innovation funds. “Beautiful home help” flagship for flat layer of semifinished product, now contains a line advocate material, a line and auxiliary materials, artificial cost as one completely standardized decorate a one-stop service, priced at 777 yuan/㎡.

home outfit O2O “cool knorr” completed $10 million B round of funding, the investor as GGV capital, IDG and hurst’s capital. After this round of funding will continue to strengthen research and development and marketing. Users will be able to find a match on the cool knorr decorate plan, the homepage search box type community name, you can see the corresponding model figure, after choice door, cool knorr will recommend similar family decorate plan. If satisfied with the scheme, users can directly contact, domestic outfit company stepped into the stage of implementation.


focus on organic O2O startup “live two days” angel investment 6 million yuan, the investor including drops a taxi investors wang gang, Tun billow capital, fundamental particles. “Two days” is dedicated to helping rural businesses improve the occupancy rate, the main target group for city life work pressure is bigger.

Local life:

pet O2O service platform or den 1.5 million angels, warm nest now WeChat based services, to provide customers with house pet grooming, pet training, pet family foster care and other services.

fresh combination custom O2O “blended da” millions of angel investment, put aside in a single category sales fruit electric business model, combining a variety of fresh fruit to individuation custom-made solutions are put forward.

fresh O2O platform “five hundreds of” 5 million yuan angel financing, investors for investment. Five hundreds broke through the traditional fresh electrical business model, through DingChan, two-way transparent operation, achieved at a reasonable cost to provide a safe high quality vegetables.

online store platform “rice has won millions of dollars” A round of financing, the investor for IDG. Have m is an online community convenience store based on LBS platform, users can WeChat ID/App to place an order, convenience store businesses by offline entity for free distribution. Merchants can choose on their own business hours, send amount, etc.

laundry O2Oe help angel investment 13 million yuan. E washing help is sichuan traditional laundry brand beauty day joined the O2O a online product industry, currently in micro signal order as the main operating way. Team is currently set up the visual tracking system in the process of laundry, do dates back all the way, let the laundry every link can be seen by the user.

happy you won 50 million yuan A round of funding, the investor is positive in the capital. Joy’s goal is to replace traditional FMCG distribution business model.


the interactive won tens of millions of yuan yao angel rounds of financing, investors including domestic top interactive entertainment group and 37 mobile game of listed companies, etc. SAN yao interaction with mobile gaming products distribution as the core business, based on product and channel operation, longer than the effect of brand and marketing, and has set up a mature games into the pipeline and mechanism.

augmented reality engine InfinityAR won $5 million B round of funding, investment institutions, including Japan game mobile company SUN Corporation, New Zealand investment Fund Singulariteam Fund II, etc.

the virtual sports games business DraftKings won a $250 million investment, investors for Disney. DraftKings development of sports game called fantasy sports, is a virtual role playing games.


lai can media angel investment 12 million yuan, the investor for fabric in China. Lai can media positioning is content production + electricity marketing + content.

India classified ads website Quikr won a $150 million investment, investors including Tiger Global Management vc funds, Sweden AB Kinnevik vc fund investment company and Hong Kong Steadview Capital.

Intelligent hardware:

women intelligent hardware brand of cassava angel investment 10 million yuan, invested by PBA. Cassava through beauty makeup software and beauty as the core of the intelligent hardware, goddaughter sexology make-up, and analyze the collected data, contrast, purchase plan for a product, care to remind and health advice.

enterprise service:

do VR app store Wear VR won $1.5 million in financing, by a group of local investors into Atlanta. Wear VR team plans to the money they would expand and improve the supply of VR APP, and create an APP can help people find VR software on mobile devices.

SaaS salary management platform ZenPayroll won $60 million B round, by Google Capital led, Google Ventures and the Emergence of new investors Capital and Ribbit Capital to vote. ZenPayroll provide enterprises with the salary management system based on the cloud, automatic help enterprises to pay the employee’s personal income tax and lower wages to the employees account.

the IaaS service UCloud C in nearly $100 million round of funding, led by jun union capital and VMS Legend Investment Fund I, capital letter and DCM, bertelsmann and light.

enterprise order platform “meal” 140 million yuan C round of financing, by popular comments on led, kleiner perkins caufield & byers, NGP, zhi capital letter to vote. Meal to build enterprise consumer market beer and skittles integrated services platform, the current main business is the staff canteen.

the cloud management platform provider Domo received $200 million D round, by blackrock collar, Capital Group, Glynn, Capital and GGV Capital to vote. Domo platform can help enterprises in the form of visual check data.


campus limit anonymous dating 11 11 respectively angel investment 11.11 million yuan, 11:11 PM every night, the App will open heart chat function, and there are 11 minutes and 11 seconds of time.

main offline dating “please eat” has won a $17.105 million B round, led by auspicious peak investment, sequoia capital and investment. The financing will mainly use in team building and market, in addition, please eat focus will be on after dinner relationship maintenance.


cross-border electricity Pair hai tao financing, amount is no instructions with the investor. It is a cross-border electric business platform, mainly for services like fashion and have no time shopping women.

all the school net 5 million yuan of investment, investment in xiamen friend friend financial information technology service co., LTD. Thousands of school network companies to develop the market, precision marketing.

Rocket Internet’s fashion group GFG financing of $35 million, investors including Tengelmann Ventures and Verlinvest.

India mother-to-child electricity FirstCry won a $36 million investment, from silicon valley venture Capital firm NEA Valiant and San Francisco hedge fund Capital led, IDG Capital, Singapore’s temasek holdings and saif fund and auspicious peak group.

cosmetics electricity beauty makeup won $100 million B round of funding, the Crescent HydePark led, Beijing investment, capital and other institutions and han. Beauty beautiful makeup take very daring, since the self locking mode.


training with software Hudl won A $72.5 million round of funding, the investors have Nelnet Accel Partners, education services company, etc. Athletes and coaches can through the mobile end Hudl capture, edit, and share the video game or training.

India mobile payment MobiKwik won $25 million B round of financing, Tree Line by Singapore’s investment company Asia led, cisco, American express and sequoia capital and shot.

LinkedIn15 $$to buy Lynda

the United States announced the professional networking site LinkedIn for about $1.5 billion to buy online learning website, Lynda.com. The deal will be in the form of cash and stock, cash accounts for about 52%, the stock part accounts for about 48%. Is expected, the transaction will be completed within this quarter. Lynda focuses more on the vocational education, more attention to vocational training of practical skills.

diet solution Weight Watchers acquisition community Weilos

the Weight loss community Weilos will be acquired by Weight Watchers, the transaction has not been completed. It is said that the latter considers Weilos unique diet + social attribute, and plans to use its own members for the diversion. Weight Watchers provides a whole solution, interactive online 24 hours professionals, offline and consolidated, and private coaching.

New York currency exchange Coinsetter buy Canadian exchanges Cavirtex

New York currency exchange virtual exchange Cavirtex Coinsetter acquisition of Canada, the amount of the acquisition involves probably around $2 million. Coinsetter will spread to Canada, by the United States on business at the same time to strengthen a new margin trading project. Are the two main functions of margin trading is to let customers can borrow money to buy stocks or COINS.

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