A said go go, part-time formally cat travel “part-time” new channel

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the past addiction teenagers, after 90 in today’s entrepreneurs, the former business prick silk, now I had an interview with the prime minister. Chaoshan after 90, part-time cat CEO, Wang Ruixu draped in 90 after the star entrepreneurs halo, part-time cat back to their core products, recent new official operation part-time travel section is still worth a look.

a part-time job is a cat to help college students find part-time information real products. Recently, universities have become entrepreneurial shrine, Internet financial, logistics of colleges and universities, campus O2O, campus fresh, excellent team and the products have entered the running track, which college part-time market there are many products appear, to run a part-time, part-time, one meter classmates help, snail tree, etc., although many products, but no the phenomenon of dominance.

the whole, part-time is cats do light mode. The part-time information is through their own development to grab part-time information filtering engine with artificial to complete fill. Students help is on line to push staff a a to visit negotiate. Students help mode heavier, but can guarantee the high success rate. Part-time cat is now a light mode, expansion progress will be faster, the last line of the general principles of the truth by artificial control can control the authenticity of risk.

the core of part-time market is to break the students communicate with vendor information, students can in a large range of real part-time information in part-time, choose the right businesses can find jobs in the more students on the right people are part-time platform can give the value of both sides. The college students in addition to have local part-time demand, part-time is also an interesting travel demand.

a part-time cat opened recently travel part-time channel is trying to this industry, Wang Ruixu tell cloud network, hunting trip it is not a part-time part-time plate at the heart of the cat, but there is demand for college students, our online channel.

part-time work travel is also called volunteers travel and travel, is a tourist destination through work in exchange for room and board. Backpackers need tips, hostel perennial need manpower management. Travelers in youth hostel short-term work (usually) a month for board and lodging, to save on long distance travel expenses, and let the cash-strapped but with travel dreams of young people, into the local life get more experience.

so, it’s not so easy, part-time travel is suitable for young students, through this way to go out and get some exercise, also indirect experience local conditions and customs. But the best is you have to travel a few times, also lived in several QingLv, independent ability.

truth for information, part-time cat is currently offline since about + owner to submit (artificial audit) mode, for the summer vacation, independent college students can try, but suggested that both sides must communicate well before starting out the details.

now campus part-time products, has a different focus on city, operation logic is different also, have a try first mat endowment, have a try to do college students part-time database, a heavy mode of one to one, has large data fetching pattern light review. But in the end still have to pay attention to the several points: true, safety, security, or the safety of the TM.